Watch: Animal Cruelty Activists Ambush Bear Grylls At London Book Event

"There's nothing entertaining or excusable about slitting animals' throats"

The Island with Bear GryllsIt was a bad afternoon for TV survivalist Bear Grylls as animal rights activists ambushed his book promotion event in London.

Video shared by the British arm of PETA shows three different women approaching THE ISLAND star from different sides of the room, each carrying signs that read: “Grylls – unbearable Island Cruelty” before being escorted out by security.

In a moment of absolute hilarity, the clip ends with an event organizer looking around the room and asking, “Any more?”

Per a PETA press release:

“[The] supporters ran onstage, one after the other, to let the startled audience know that the British version of The Island recently shipped a pig to Panama specifically to have contestants slit the animal’s throat. On a previous episode, contestants tracked down and killed an endangered American crocodile. And last week on NBC’s The Island, contestants skinned, skewered, and cooked a snake.

“There’s nothing entertaining or excusable about slitting animals’ throats or hacking apart their bodies on camera,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA is calling on NBC to put a stop to these gruesome displays and make sure that no more animals suffer and die for ‘entertainment.’”

THE ISLAND — which airs with different casts in the US and Britain — features a group of ordinary citizens who attempt to live off the land and document every bit of their journey on camera.

THE ISLAND airs Mondays at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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