‘Idiotest’: Ben Gleib (Finally) Enjoys Game Show Success

“I didn’t necessarily see this coming, but I am really truly enjoy it”

Ben Gleib, host of 'Idiotest'

Ben Gleib is finally enjoying his moment of game show success.

He just always thought it would come by winning cash and prizes — not giving them away.

“I didn’t necessarily see this coming, but I am really truly enjoy it,” says Gleib, 36, host of IDIOTEST on GSN.

Two decades ago, the Los Angeles-born comic attempted to land a spot on TEEN JEOPARDY.

“But it went horribly,” he remembers.  “I didn’t make it past the first test. I was really upset with myself and didn’t forgive myself to this day.”

Gleib — who would later pitch his first self-produced TV show to MTV at age 22 — also submitted himself and his brother to appear on Nickelodeon’s DOUBLE DARE but never got a call back.

Then, just a few years ago, came the opportunity to audition for producers of NBC’s MINUTE TO WIN IT.

“Even after I was a pretty well known comedian, I waited in line and tried out,” he tells TheTVPage.com.

“I went in there and they had me play several of the challenges in the room.  I literally did so well at all of them that I think they didn’t put me on because they were afraid they were going to have to give me $1 million!”

Everything seems to have worked out okay for Gleib, who not only hosts IDIOTEST but is also responsible for helping create the show’s signature brainteasers.

Idiotest - Sample Question

“It goes way beyond Googling facts for a trivia show,” Gleib says.

“You have to really figure out how to try to fool the human brain and how to try to put yourself into the minds of how someone will think.”

On camera, he is also charged with walking the fine line between laughing at or with the show’s teams of contestants.

“I have been performing stand up and improv for about 15 years and I just have a very good sense of how far you can push somebody,” Gleib says.

“It is about reading the moment and [deciding] if someone’s demeanor has enough confidence that they can laugh at themselves or if you need to be more sweet and respectful in that moment.”

“One time a contestant did call me a d*ck.  Or did say I was being a d*ck.  But I think he was just being funny back.”

“So I replied, ‘Yup.  That is my job sometimes.’”

IDIOTEST airs Wednesdays at 8:00 PM on GSN.

Sean Daly

Sean Daly

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