‘#RichKids’: Season 3 Features Taylor Hasselhoff, Bahama Drama

"I basically ended up crying on my birthday!"

TV’s “Rich Kids” are heading to the 818.

Season 3 of E channel’s #RICHKIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS kicks off Sunday night (May 24) with the addition of another well-healed celebutant — Taylor Hasselhoff.

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“She is not from Beverly Hills,” cast member Dorothy Wang reveals.

“So the audience gets to go to the [San Fernando] Valley and see what that is all about and watch her maneuver through some of our friends and see some of the issues that she has had with us in the past.”

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff on '#RichKids of Beverly Hills'

Also returning as the show expands to one hour episodes are original “Rich Kids” Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Jonny Drubel, Roxy Sowlaty and Brandon Cyrus.

“I think the addition [of a new castmate] was really easy for us,” Dorothy tells TheTVPage.com.

“Taylor is very nice and it was fun getting to know her a little better. I think that she has been great to have around for this season.”

Taylor’s famous father, actor David Hasselhoff, will also make “a few appearances” on the show, Dorothy tells me.

Season three begins with what Dorothy describes as “the worst birthday party I have ever had.”

Dorothy Wang on '#RichKids of Beverly Hills'

The real estate heiress, 27, blames “a lot of miscommunication” for prompting a dramatic falling out with her well-heeled co-stars.

“You are a little bit more sensitive on your birthday,” she says. “You think everything is going to be amazing and perfect and then it isn’t.”

“It was very hard for me. I basically ended up crying at my birthday.”

A few days later, the entire cast brought their problems along for a pre-planned trip to the Bahamas.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to go,” Dorothy admits.

“I thought about it for a long time eventually I thought that I should at least go and work out our differences and face things head on. And I am glad I did that because I kind of got to work though a lot of differences that happened in the Bahamas.”


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