Watch: John Oliver’s Video For End of The World

One of the best parts of Sunday night is LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER.

This week, the British comic gave a sneak peek at a new video that believes should be played if/when we are faced with the end of the world.

The gag is in response to a video prepared (with a straight face, apparently) by CNN that leaked to media earlier this year.

In it, a military band is seen playing “Nearer To My Heart Than Thee” — the song supposedly heard as the Titanic was sinking.

Oliver’s version was hosted by THE WEST WING star Martin Sheen, who praise human kind for contributions such as peanut butter and The Beatles and noted: “We harnessed fire, invested languages, and engineered transparent underwater tunnels simply because we felt like looking at shark tummies.”

Check out the complete clip above.