‘The Voice’:Surviving the Live Shows

Contestants share their secrets

caitlin Caporale - The Voice
The 24 remaining contestants on NBC’s THE VOICE each have their own strategy for surviving the Live Shows, but central to each strategy is the choice of song.

I will sing a song I can connect with lyrically,” Caitlin Caporale of Team Pharrell says. “It doesn’t make sense to pick a song out of your style. If you don’t connect with the audience, it can fall flat.”

Meghan Linsey, formerly of Team Pharrell, has a few things up her sleeve.

“The only thing you can control is what you do on that stage,” Linsey says. “Outperforming myself every week is what I’m going to concentrate on.”

Corey Kent White is a self-proclaimed introvert.

Coach Blake Shelton told him the most important thing he could do is connect with the audience and to not close his eyes when he performs.

“For me, week in and week out, my song choice revolves around what I want to be singing outside of the show,” says White.

“My mental prep is to stay in my lane and do what I do best: sing country music and try not to screw it up.”

Coach Blake also advised Hannah Kirby to showcase her range in the best way possible.

“I had a deep, spiritual connection to that song (Steve Winwood’s Higher Love),” says Kirby, whose Knockout performance last week saw her stolen to Team Blake. “His advice really increased my confidence to go for those notes I never went for.”

The knockout performances last Tuesday also saw the elimination of Blaze Johnson and Cody Wickline.

This week will see the end of the Knockouts and the beginning of the Live Shows.

THE VOICE airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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