‘The Voice’: Is Adam Levine The Most Or Least Popular Coach?

"Adam is the coach most likely to spend most or all of his pitch giving specific constructive criticism, which is probably a turn-off"

'The Voice' Season 8 Cast
Numbers don’t lie:  Adam Levine is the least popular coach on THE VOICE.At least among the contestants.Hopefuls who get a coveted chair spin from more than one coach selected the Maroon 5 singer only 18 percent of the time during the show’s first eight seasons.

Compare that to Pharrell Williams, who came out on top a record 45% of the time (9 out of 20 just this season).

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What’s strange is that Adam is a two time winner — in season 1 with Javier Colon and season 5 with Tessanne Chin.

(He would have one more winner to claim, but Josh Kaufman was stolen by Team Usher in season 6.

Adam Levine on Season 8 of 'The Voice'
“Adam is the coach most likely to spend most or all of his pitch giving specific constructive criticism, which is endearing to some and probably a turn-off to others,” says Brittany Frederick, editor of the fan blog BigRedChairs.com.“When other people are calling you a legend and telling you how you’re going to win the show, you may not want to go with the guy saying that you need to work on a few things.”

Turns out you can learn a lot about the NBC music competition by simply studying some stats.

Here’s a few more fun factoids we uncovered:

* Blake Shelton selected the overall winner 4 times (compared to Adam’s 2) but combined, the pair chose 78% of first, second, and third place winners.

* Adam and Blake are the most liberal with their “I Want You” buttons. They turned around 27 and 28 times this season, respectively — which is roughly half of the (televised) blind auditions.* Pharrell is the hardest to impress, turning his chair an average of only 18 times over two seasons.* Christina [Aguilera]‘s success rate at landing those she wants is a mere 37% over her five seasons.

So what can we expect as the Blind Auditions wrap up and the Battle Rounds for season 8 begin?

“You have Christina back, who was always more aggressive than Gwen [Stefani] or Shakira,” Frederick says.

“And Pharrell is doing very well as far as pitching himself…Blake has an entire genre of artists basically all to himself, something no other coach can claim and he uses his winning record as a selling point, which we know has swayed some artists.”

THE VOICE airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.
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