‘OITNB’: New Yorkers Up In Arms Over $10 Million Tax Credit

"Our roads and bridges are crumbling, and yet we're subsidizing Hollywood millionaires"

Orange is The New Black cast

More than a few New Yorkers are all fired up about huge tax breaks offered to ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.

The hit Netflix series — which is filmed at a former children’s psych center in Rockland County — was given almost $10 million of taxpayer dollars during its second season as part of an ongoing incentive to bring production of TV and movies to the Empire State.

“Our roads and bridges are crumbling, and yet we’re subsidizing Hollywood millionaires to do television productions. It does not make any sense,” Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay told the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

Jim Finch, Supervisor of tiny Conklin, New York (population 5441) called the handout “baloney” noting that his town received a paltry $3 million after 200 homes were destroyed during a pair of tropical storms in 2012.

“They already make all the millions on the movies, and we get nothing back from the profits,” he said.

On the flip side, documents show that OITNB spent a total of $44 million in the state and created 3400 production jobs while filming it second season.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK returns for its third season June 12 on Netflix.