‘All About Sex’: Who Gave Marissa Jaret Winokur Her First Sex Toy?

Broadway star is one of four panelists on TLC's new late night chat show

Broadway actress Marissa Jaret Winokur is one of four panelists on the new TLC late night series ALL ABOUT SEX.

Marissa Jaret Winokur still fondly remembers her very first sex toy.

Adrian Zmed, the actor, gave me a vibrator when I was 21,” the married Broadway star [and mother of 6 year-old Zev] remembers.

“I was doing [a touring production of] GREASE with him. Everybody for their birthday…that was an Adrian Zmed classic gift. We were all on tour together and he thought the girls were all getting a little too rowdy and figured that would calm us all down.

“That was the first time anyone had ever given me anything like that. I was like, ‘What is this for?’ But it was amazing! I burned it out and never got a new one.”

Marissa, 41, has become quite comfortable talking about the “intimate” details of her life since signing on for TLC’s new late night series ALL ABOUT SEX.

She joins comic Margaret Cho, actress Heather McDonald and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry for the weekly chat show she describes as “girlfriends talking without a filter.”

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It might seem like an odd fit for Marissa, who has openly joked for years about how she is simply too exhausted for sex.

Here’s what she shared about the show — and her eight year marriage to actor Judah Miller — during an “anything goes” interview with TheTVPage.com:

For years you have been trying to get out of having sex…
Pretty much since my son was born. A lot of people ask me “What is sex life after marriage?” Sex after marriage is fine. It is sex after having a child that sucks.

So you don’t like sex?
It’s not that I don’t like it. I would love nothing more than to go away with my husband. For the first night sleep for two days and then get up and have sex. That is amazing. But the idea of doing it after putting my son to bed… It is just too much.

It is easier to watch TV and eat ice cream?
It is easier to do anything! [To have sex] you would have to shower and clean yourself up. I might have to shave my legs and by then he is already asleep. So we definitely do vacation sex. I have got to get some sleep and get my energy back. My son drains me of any energy that I ever have.

Do you vacation a lot?
No. Not nearly enough, obviously. [laughs] But we are known to go maybe two miles from our house if you know what I mean. We do a lot of “stay-cations.”

Do you check into motels under a fake name?
Oh, no. I am like, “Hi. I am Marissa. I am going to have sex. Let me in!”

What does your husband think of your sex life being a topic of discussion on TV?
My husband is used to me. I say very inappropriate things at parties. He should be scared. But maybe he needs to court me a little more, step up his game and give me something good to talk about.

If he stepped up his game, would you, um…go on vacation more?
Yes. There have definitely been point where I am like “Somebody’s sleeping over. You have got two hours. Don’t piss me off!” But the chances are he is going to piss me off. [laughs]

ALL ABOUT SEX is not your first talk show experience.
Well, this is not really a talk show. It doesn’t feel like a talk show. It feels more like a conversation. It is more like girlfriends talking. I know that sounds like what THE VIEW or THE TALK wants to be, but that is daytime. This is different. This is girlfriends talking without a filter. There is a lot more judgement and free advice going on.

You have to share a lot of personal details on a show like this.
I think I have always been pretty open. That is probably why a late night show is better for me than daytime. When it comes to my own personal stuff, I am pretty much an open book. Except for when I didn’t tell anybody I had cancer. I have never had a problem being honest. I definitely had a lot of backlash on THE TALK when I told people my son still slept in the bed with me. Now it’s three years later and my son still sleeps in my bed with me. I don’t care that people write me letters telling me, “You are doing it all wrong.”

Who gave you the “sex talk”?
The wrong people. I never had it with my parents. Ever. I tried but my mom and dad were never interested. So I got all my information from all the wrong people in high school.

What did your friends tell you?
To do it. Go have sex and get it over with.

Check out an exclusive sneak peek at this Saturday’s episode above.

ALL ABOUT SEX airs Saturdays at 11:00 PM on TLC.

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