More Secrets From Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Show Revealed

Katy Perry Super Bowl Performance

More details are arising about what went on behind-the-scenes of Katy Perry’s over-the-top halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX.

One of the 480 on field crew members has posted a Reddit AMA which reveals (among other life changing information) where you can get your hand on one of those sweet dancing shark suits!

The poster — identified only as krap_tastic — is 35 years-old and says he got paid a whopping $8.09 an hour for his services (which primarily involved pushing stage and lighting equipment on and off the field).

“This is either the first or second year they paid for labor from what I understand,” he said.

In previous years, the league has relied solely on “volunteers.”

Here’s some more fun facts he shared:

How did you get the job?

“My mom had found out about it somehow (not sure how). I applied via There are people that travel and do it every year for fun.”

How many times did they practice this show in full before they went live?

The entire show with Katy, Lenny, and Missy was practiced 4-6 times. (I’m already forgetting it went so fast) We practiced setting up the stage and lighting four hours a day for eight days. On the first day of actual dress rehearsal a girl who was not Katy practiced all Katy’s moves on the lion and the stage first. (I joked that this was because if the safety equipment failed, this random girl would get hurt instead of Katy)

Were the dancing sharks part of the plan from the beginning? 

I wasn’t part of initial planning so am not sure. They were there for all the dress rehearsals. I liked the lion personally, although I wouldn’t mind owning one of those snazzy shark suits.  [If you want one, head over here]

Who was the sharks? Really who was it?

College kids and Katy Perry’s dancers.

How did they put the lion together and stuff? seems kinda complicated?

All I know is the guy who made the props for War Horse: The Play made the lion. 4 or 5 people pushed it while Katy was standing on it. 4 other people in black body suits moved its legs to make it look like it was walking. I never really saw how it reared up at the end of the song.

Any “wardrobe malfunctions”?

The first time Katy went up in the air for the song Firework, she kept adjusting her dress. After the song ended she said on the mic ‘wardrobe I need to see you ASAP’.

Is Katy Perry nice in person? Is there anything you can share about Katy off stage?

She seemed nice because everything was going very well with rehearsals. I do not know if she turns she-bitch when things aren’t going so well. When not in costume she wore her hair in a bun, had on a knee length skirt and black leather jacket. She had her dog Butters with her. She seemed genuinely thankful for us minions. She would wave and say random things on the mic before starting the first song in rehearsal. Edit: I have no idea how my reply became two comments. Thanks alcohol!

Did you get to watch the game live before/after Katy’s part?

Not in the stadium if that’s what you mean. Before the show we watched it on TV right outside the stadium in a staging area. After the show we watched it where we parked our cars before being bused in. (We all met at a university and had police escort our buses to the stadium)

Was Katy actually singing live? 

She would speak in the mic right before starting a song. For example on Friday she said “Happy Friday everyone!” I have to think she wasn’t because every rehearsal sounded just a bit different, including the Superbowl performance. In the end I am not sure.

What were rehearsals like? 

We practiced pushing the stage and lighting carts outside on a football field for six days. We practiced setting up inside the stadium for the last three days, full rehearsal was done the final two days. Stage pieces went in first, then lighting carts. We walked to the AFC endzone while the electricians hooked it all up. When the last song started playing we ran back to our carts and pushed it out of the stadium ASAP. The first day of practice took 45 minutes to set up, the last day took four minutes, 45 seconds.

During costume changes did the wardrobe people meet her on the field? How long does a process like that take? Seemed pretty quick…

Wardrobe people were already out there. Outfits were stored under the stage. It takes literally about 2-3 seconds to change outfits. This was done in two ways by making the costume extremely easy to take off, or wearing the new costume over the old one.

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