‘Teen Mom’: Viewers Express Disgust Over Return Of Farrah Abraham

Network says she will have the same amount of coverage as other girls

Farrah Abraham of MTV's 'Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham is back — and loyal fans of MTV’s TEEN MOM are pissed!

The network — which rarely shies away from controversy — appeared to be distancing itself from Farrah since she began appearing in “back door” adult videos and started her own line of sex toys.

Promotional announcements and appearances on behalf of the show only features cast members Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood.

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But now comes word that one of reality TV’s most polarizing personalities is being given another chance to cash in on her notoriety.

It is unclear whether Farrah will be given as much screen time as the other girls or if she will merely be making a cameo appearance.

Requests for comment from MTV were not immediately returned.

Within minutes of the announcement, fans began expressing their outrage on MTV.com.

Here’s a sample of the feedback:

“No thank you, MTV. I won’t be watching this! Farrah is a horrible example of what a girl should do if she lands herself in the position to be a teen mom. Don’t promote her. Disgusting.” – Sheena

“I am sorry but this is not an example of the teen mom hardships I want to watch. It is terrible you would put her back on the show. Sorry but I have watched every episode every season this will be the first time o do not watch!!! Thanks mtv” – Amber

“I definitely will not be watching this now. I cant believe mtv would let someone who sells sex toys, made a porn video, and an embarrassing music video back on a show thats suppose to show young girls the struggle of being a young mother. Pathetic.” – Sarah

“I’m so sick of hearing about this spoiled little *****” – Ryan

How much more damage do you could possibly do to the worlds people than to subject them to that low life scum of a devil witch when only wanting to watch decent people who actually grew up? Answer: Nothing… Thought about watching the show, never again. Just signed up to bash this tragedy, lord knows she deserves every bit, now I need to go cancel my account on the count of having zero respect for MTV anymore. – Crystal

“Wrong message to exemplify to young teen moms. This show WAS educational and informative geared toward the challenges of teenage pregnancy. While viewers have the opportunity to learn from the cast, why would her return even be considered under the circumstances? She obviously hasn’t learned anything as she justifies her involvement in the pornography industry as a way to support her child. What message are you trying to send to young mothers who are struggling financially? You might as well provide a link to buy her sex tapes or show a young mom on a street corner soliciting sex for money or dealing drugs! I am disappointed and disgusted by your choice to allow her to return. Shocking and detestable choice MTV!!” – Chandra

To be fair, there were a handful of viewers who came to Farrah’s defense.

Wrote reader Lindsay:  “Well she’s supporting her child…What people do with their [lives] isn’t up for everyone to judge.”

UPDATE (1:15 PM): A spokesperson for MTV has confirmed that Farrah will be considered a full cast member and will have her story told in the same way as the other girls.  The official title of the show is TEEN MOM OG (Original Girls).

No premiere date has been announced.

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