‘American Idol’: Maddy Hudson Auditions In San Francisco (Video)

Jennifer Lopez believes the 16 year-old has a chance to win!

Is Maddy Hudson our next AMERICAN IDOL?

Jennifer Lopez thinks she has a chance after nailing her audition in San Francisco with a cover of Beyonce‘s “Resentment.”

In a pre-taped segment, Maddy talked about her mother being “the most supportive person, my best friend, my rock.”


“It has pretty much always just been my mom and I against the world,” she said.

“Middle school was the worst thing.  Never fit in.  I was never popular or cool.  Music is the only place where I fit in.  It has given me so much strength and confidence.  Being on IDOL will give me the chance to spread the love I have always wanted to share.”

Jennifer Lopez:  “You were fantastic.  I had two or three goosies this season… [Tonight], my whole body.  When you walked in, I loved your style.  I loved the dark lip and everything felt polished… I wasn’t even thinking of you singing like that.  I am blown away right now.  You are one of my favorites.  Wow.”

Keith Urban:  “I love everything that is on the outside, but I really love what it is covering up… I heard and felt every bit of it.

Harry Connick Jr.:  “You have all of the ingredients to really be a superstar!  I have to be as honest as I can be and honestly, you exude star quality.  And you can sing and you are lovely.”

Maddy is going to Hollywood!

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AMERICAN IDOL airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 PM on Fox.

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