‘Worst Cooks In America’: Meet ‘Gender Bender’ Leopold Nunan Soares

Performance artist is currently filming his own reality show

Leopold Nunan Soares

Leopold Nunan Soares isn’t your ordinary, gender-bending drag queen.

He also happens to be one of the worst cooks in America!

No, seriously.  The loud-and-proud Brazilian, 23, is one of the final six contestants remaining on a Food Network show called WORST COOKS IN AMERICA.

“I am pretty bad,” he admits.

“I live in West Hollywood and we always are entertaining, always having parties.  I do take it personally if someone doesn’t want to eat my food.  Most people know that I don’t cook well so they come to my house and say ‘Leopold, no problem, we are just here for drinks.’  Or they will bring the food.”

Luckily, Leo has a day job doing performance art in clubs and theaters around Los Angeles.

His show combines robot characters, aliens, samba dancing…

“It’s really theatrical,” he says.

Last week, Leo began production on his own man-about-town show called OUT WITH LEO.

“I am traveling around LA with a sports car going to the places I like the best,” he tells me.

“I am going to be choosing the best martinis in town.  Or [the best] food you can find from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM.  After the clubs.  I am also going to learn how to make the best martinis.”

“I will be there cooking with people and baking with them.”

Leo is also preparing for the release of his first single on February 8.

“It’s the best thing I have done in my career,” he says.

Leo share more in an exclusive interview with TheTVPage.com.

What made you decide to go on WORST COOKS IN AMERICA?
I think just having the opportunity to learn from Chef Anne and Chef Tyler.  My partner [Thomas] was really the one pushing me.

Do you watch a lot of cooking shows on TV?
Food Network now is my favorite channel.  Before it was just a dream.  I was like, ‘I will never be able to cook anything.’  It is always so complicated and cooking with crazy things.  

Do more people show up to your performances now that you are on TV?
Yes!  We had a packed house on Saturday.  A lot my friends are dying!  They never saw the Food Network.  It feels like all of West Hollywood is tuned in now.

What is your stage show?  Are you a drag queen?
I am gender-bending.  But it is not just drag.  It is robots.  It is aliens.  It is a samba dancer.  It is really theatrical.  Gender bending is really my influence because I am from Brazil and oh, my god, so many Carnivals. My drag is really bad.  But it is good drag.  It is more like a comedian thing.  My major art is music.  I have a live band.  This is the first time I bring my art from live to something on record.  I am coming out with my first single in America called “Multiple Personalities.”  It is pretty crazy.  I change characters 47 times in my music video.

Are you playing nightclubs or theaters?
I love performing at the Viper Room with my band.  It is not actually drag.   It is Leopold.  All this crazy persona that I bring in to the stage is not necessarily drag.  It is Leopold.

Did you ever try out for another show, like AMERICA’S GOT TALENT?
Never did that.  I don’t really like to be judged on TV.  My art is really complicated.  You would have to know what I do.  I never got into THE VOICE or anything like that.  But a cooking show, I am being judged by my food and not my art.

When did you come over from Brazil?
I have [gone to] 23 Carnivals in my life.  I moved here when I was 23.  I didn’t have to marry nobody.  It was just me and my career.  Now I am an American citizen.  I am a double citizen.  I am very grateful to be in America.  You can take the Leo from Rio but you can never take the Rio from Leo.

WORST COOKS IN AMERICA airs Sundays on Food Network.

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