Ian Ziering: I’m Prepared For ‘Sharknado’ Phenomenon To End

'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant has created new line of chainsaw-inspired clothes

Ian Ziering as Finn in 'Sharknado'

Ian Ziering understands that one day — probably not too long from now — the whole SHARKNADO phenomenon will come to an abrupt end.

The former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star (and father of two) is set to break out his chainsaw for a third installment that begins filming in the next 30 days.

“Every gig has a closing curtain,” he says.  “I expect there to be one here.”

“I look at things now with a different eye.  I am more focused on providing for my family than anything else.  So while I am enjoying the SHARKNADO rise in my career, I temper it with the understanding that there will be a closing curtain for SHARKNADO.  I will just wait with eager anticipation for the next opening night.”

Ziering, currently a contestant on THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, says his next act will likely not involve another reality TV show — at least not one of his own.

“I have [been approached] and the right format hasn’t come along,” he tells me.

“To be honest, I don’t think that I’m all that interesting.”

“I’ve done two reality shows [CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and DANCING WITH THE STARS]. But I did them because there was an opportunity to learn something.”

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Sweatshirt from Ian Ziering's Chainsaw collectionZiering, 50, says he plans to focus instead on a new clothing line — inspired by (you guessed it!) SHARKNADO.

“It’s called Chainsaw,” he shares.

“In the character development of Finn Shepard, I looked at the chainsaw as a tool to overcome obstacles and break down barriers.  I talked to some successful people about what makes a good brand and it has to be something you can relate to.  So I said, ‘I can relate to a chainsaw!’”

The complete line of “comfort-wear” (hats, t-shirts, pullovers and more) is available for sale online and in select retail stores.

The third (and final?) installment of SHARKNADO shoots in Washington DC, ” then heads south from there along the entire Eastern seaboard,” Ziering confirms.  “I have got me job cut out for me this time.”

Check out his iconic chainsaw scene from the original movie below.

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE airs Monday nights at 9:00 ET/PT on NBC.

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