‘Finding Carter’: Kathryn Prescott Talks Season 2

“In the first episode you sort of see where Carter has been taken"

Kathryn Prescott on MTV's 'Finding Carter'

Kathryn Prescott promises plenty of “juicy twists and turns” in the upcoming season of FINDING CARTER.

“In the first episode you sort of see where Carter has been taken,” she reveals.

“Then you find out a lot about the backstory that got built up last season.  You find out a lot about the backstory of Dave and Laurie which was built up a lot in the first season but never actually revealed.  So now you finally find out what went on.”

Kathryn, 23, also gave this cryptic update on her character’s love life:

“[Carter] is still all over the place, but she has calmed down and I hear she gets a new love interest.”

FINDING CARTER — about a teen who was kidnapped as a toddler, raised by her abductor, then reunited with her birth family — was an instant hit last fall for MTV.

Kathryn talked more about the show, becoming a celebrity in America and her role in the biblical mini-series THE DOVEKEEPERS in an exclusive interview with TheTVPage.com.

What are you most looking forward to?
We have almost a whole new writing team.  And there are all of these new twists and turns.  There are juicy twists, which I am excited about.  I am excited to work with the cast again.  They were genuinely nice people.

Last time we saw Carter, she was getting kidnapped again.
Yeah.  I think it is going to be a pattern for her. [laughs]

The show made you pretty famous in this country.  Is being famous in America different from being famous at home in the UK?
Yeah.  It’s different and kind of weird because SKINS, the show I did in England, they did an American version of that on MTV which didn’t really work.  But it is a kind of similar age of people watching FINDING CARTER who maybe watched SKINS in the U.K.  So it is definitely different.  But it is the same age of people you have coming up and talking to you about it.  Generally I have found people are a little more polite about it in America.  In England, because of the raciness of the show, SKINS, people are shouting things like “lesbian” to me across the street.

Was it challenging to cover up your British accent when you came to work here?
It was.  I guess it still is.  It is something I have to think about all of the time.  I have found it is easier to just stay in it the whole time than to keep switching back and forth.  So if I am in the studio, I just stay in the American accent and then it just becomes habit.  Then when I went back to England, people were like, ‘You have a bit of an American accent.  What is wrong with you?’

Does it become an issue when you go to look for jobs?
Yeah.  In America, I think maybe only once or twice I have gone for a British role.  So you kind of have to be able to do it.  At least to a certain degree.  But I have worked with accent coaches.  They don’t just throw you in.

Have you fully adjusted to living here yet?
To L.A.?  No.  When we shoot, we shoot in Atlanta.  And I love Atlanta.  I am not that fond of L.A.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself…
I can speak a bit of German.  I do photography.  I had my first exhibition last year in London.  But then I started doing work here, so I haven’t had time.  I am English, obviously.  But that is not really a fun fact.

What is the most English thing about you?
Tea.  The amount of tea that I drink.

And yet your teeth are so white!
Probably the least British thing about me. [laughs]

Kathryn will next be seen in the biblical drama, THE DOVEKEEPERS.  The four hour CBS mini-series is based on Alice Hoffman’s 2011 historical novel and details the true story of 900 Jewish people forced to live in a fortress in the mountains of Masada, after fleeing from the Romans.

She plays teenage tomboy (and expert archer) Aziza who disguises herself in her brother’s armor to fight alongside the male warriors in hopes of, well…surviving.

I was surprised to see an MTV girl on THE DOVEKEEPERS…
The thing I like about this show is that… You know when watch period pieces and they make it all over dramatic like a bad Shakespeare?  Where people people make a big deal about everything and ruin it…  I think it is important to tell the story as if it was a day to day story but the only difference is the setting and the costume and the events going on.  So even though the MTV show, FINDING CARTER is a modern show and it is set in modern times with modern clothes and in a modern environment, it is still about the relationships between people and the struggles people have.  And that happens regardless of what era you are in.  So I didn’t come at this like it was a period drama.

Was it hard to transition from FINDING CARTER?
Even though it is a very different production from FINDING CARTER, obviously, I still came at it from the same point of view. I was thinking, ‘This is my character.  This is what she is going through,’  I try not to get caught up too much in the fact that it is a big period piece with extravagant costumes and hair.  Once you get caught up in that, you star acting differently from the people who were in those situations at that time.  I think the more realistically you can portray a person — even if it is set in a really different time or a really different place — the more relatable the story is going to be.

Will the MTV audience dig this?
Yeah.  The MTV audience is smart.

THE DOVEKEEPERS airs April 1 on CBS.

FINDING CARTER returns March 31 on MTV.

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