‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Donald Trump Teases Presidential Run

Says he would love to have Pete Rose on a future season of 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Donald Trump

Here we go again!

Donald Trump says he is contemplating a run for the Oval Office in 2016.

“I am going to make a decision over the next couple of months,” he revealed at a press event to promote THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE this morning.

“I am seriously considering it.  Absolutely.  The last thing we need is another Bush or a retread like Romney who failed the first time.  He failed miserably.  He should have won that race.  We don’t need Romney.  So I am giving it serious thought.”

Trump, who fueled speculation back in 2011 as well, said one of his biggest challenges would be balancing a campaign with various real estate and television projects.

“A politician, all they have to do is say “I am running for office” and they start running.

“So it is not as easy for me to say, ‘I am going to run.”  But I think that is what the country need right now.  The country needs somebody that understands the art of the deal…. If I ran, I would like to make America great again — by being intelligent.”

Here’s what else The Donald had to share:

On the future of THE APPRENTICE:

NBC wants to do future seasons, he says — including possibly a return to the traditional (non-celebrity) version.  “[CELEBRITY APPRENTICE] is more fun for me personally.  But that could happen.”

On whether there can ever be too much Trump on TV:

Scaling the episodes back [from two or three hours] to one hour each helped keep fans engaged, he admits. “It is a terrible thing for me to admit.  But too much Trump? Yes.  I agree.  I will admit it.”

On the celebrity he wants to participate the most:

“One of the people I would like to have on the show is Pete Rose. I called him and said, ‘Pete, why don’t you do it?’  And he said, ‘I couldn’t stand if you ever fired me.’  He just doesn’t want to be fired.  But for the most part it is really easy to get people to do the show.

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE airs Monday nights at 9:00 PM on NBC.

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