Matthew Perry: If ‘Odd Couple’ Doesn’t Work ‘I’ll Do Dinner Theater’

"It's a really good premise. It is time to do it again."

Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon in 'The Odd Couple'

Matthew Perry could really use a win right about now.

“To tell you the truth, if [THE ODD COUPLE] doesn’t work, I am not sure what to throw out,” he says.

Perry’s career has taken it on the chin somewhat since he wrapped up ten seasons as the beloved Chandler Bing on NBC’s classic sitcom FRIENDS.

He’s appeared in the series — STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, GO ON and MR. SUNSHINE — that were all canceled after just one season.

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And his attempt at becoming a film star?

“I did a couple of movies that were good and I did a couple of movies that were bad,” he concedes.

“You get on those lists, you know?  I am not even sure I am allowed to go to the movies anymore.”

Which bring him back to TV, in the role of Oscar Madison, made famous by Jack Klugman nearly 45 years ago.

“Hopefully what I bring to the table is a little bit of likability in a character who is a little bit like a scoundrel,” Perry says.

THE ODD COUPLE version 2.0 also stars Thomas Lennon as Felix Unger and premieres Thursday, February 19 on CBS.

“It is exactly where we want to be — after the biggest show on television (THE BIG BANG THEORY) and right before the TWO AND A HALF MEN finale,” Perry enthuses.

“It is a really good premise.  It is time to do it again.  Tom and I work really well together.  So if this one doesn’t work, maybe I will go to dinner theater.”

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