Jon Hamm Wants To Return To ‘Saturday Night Live’

Actor also looks back on his experience on 'Mad Men'

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in 'Mad Men'

Is Jon Hamm looking to move back into comedy?

With the farewell season of MAD MEN already in the can, the wise-cracking Golden Globe winner revealed today that one of his future ambitions is to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (again).

“I wish it was up to me,” he said. “If it was up to me, yes.”

Hamm, 43, was at the TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena to promote the final episodes of MAD MEN which will begin airing April 5.

Here’s more of what he shared with reporters:

Did you take anything from the MAD MEN set as a souvenir?
I did not.  I took nothing from the set other than memories and they were delightful at that.

Not even wardrobe?
No.  Most of it was rented, so if I had taken it, I would have literally been stealing.

What can you tell us about the tone that the show will go out on?
Well, I can basically tell you nothing.  [For me] it wasn’t so much being surprised [by the ending] as being pleased.  I got misty [eyed] just watching the retrospectives that they showed earlier.  Because the show means so much to me and these people mean so much to me and these characters mean so much to me.  So it was pleasing to have a satisfying ending.  And just to have an ending.  It is a story.  It has to end.  If there is no end to the story, you never get to go to bed.

Do you remember your audition?
I certainly do.  It was in Santa Monica in February of 2006.  I had to drive from Los Felix to Santa Monica in the rain.  And anybody who lives in L.A. knows that it is a disaster to get to Santa Monica from Los Feliz in the best conditions.  So it took about 2 and a half hours to get there.  It was in this weird place and it was literally me and this 17 year-old who was in the same place to audition for a commercial.  So it was a very strange experience.  That was the first audition, which was only with the casting director.  That was the first of seven auditions.

Did you think it went well?
I knew it went well.

Is there a quintessential episode of this show that you think best encapsulates Don Draper for you?
It is all in the pilot.  The whole foundation of the show is in the pilot.  Not only for Don, but for Peggy and Christina and Roger and Pete.  All of our characters.  It’s all in the pilot.

What are you going to miss most?
All of it.  There is no one thing.

What is the weirdest memory you are going to take away from the show?
There’s a million of them.  A dude got his foot run over by a lawn mower.  There are so many weird memories.  There is no way to answer that other than to say that I am so pleased that we got to participate in a show that had so many weird moments.  Matthew and his writing staff have never been shied away from craziness and were never afraid to move on to the edges of the narrative rather than right down the middle.

Do you see yourself in the silhouette of the opening titles?
It’s modeled after me, so yes.  It is my body that has been animated.  Do I see myself, Jon Hamm?  No.  It is Don Draper.  It is a recollection of the character.  And that said, our story over the last ten years has been about not just Don Draper, but all of the people you saw on saw on the stage today.  Not insignificantly, also, our fearless leader, Matthew Weiner.  He is the one at the end of the day who writes that.  It is an incredible evocative 30 seconds of so that starts the show and hopefully we live up to it.

Did [longtime partner, actress Jennifer Westfeldt] give you any advice or help you through the transition at all?
Well, Jen and I have been together for 17 years now.  And everything that happens in our lives gets run by one or the other.  So while there was no specific advice on how to deal with it, of course having a partner that is incredibly supportive of you is wonderfully helpful.  In fact, the day after we wrapped, I flew to New York.  Jen and I watched fireworks in New York City and then we went to Martha’s Vineyard for two weeks to decompress.  That was really nice.

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