Meet Ally Ioannides: Dylan on NBC’s ‘Parenthood’

'It makes me feel so good when people tweet to me 'I love you on Parenthood.' That just means a lot to me. 'Parenthood' fans are the best.'

Ally Ioannides on 'Parenthood'

Ally Ioannides

Everybody always asks me, “Can I do your eyebrows?” And I am like, “No!” I don’t care about my hair. I will cut my hair, but don’t touch my eyebrows. I am trying to keep them full.”
-Ally Ioannides

Ally Ioannides admits she was “extremely nervous and anxious” after scoring the role of heartbreaker Dylan Jones on NBC’s PARENTHOOD.

Peter Krause (Adam Braverman) was directing the first episode I was in and I kept having this vision that I was going to throw up on him,” she remembers.

Luckily, her nerves were quickly calmed and Ally — who has appeared in five episodes as the object of Max Braverman’s teenage lust — was able to fully enjoy her first major role since arriving in Hollywood.

“I have had some people kind of come up to me on the street and be like, ‘Are you Dylan on PARENTHOOD?‘“ she says.

“It doesn’t feel like I should be being recognized. Sometime I forget how many people watch the show.”

The high school junior, 16, was born in Atlanta and raised in Park City, Utah.

In addition to acting, she loves to ski, dance and write.

At age 8, Ally and her friend Sarah Fosburg began working on a book, which they hope to someday publish.

“We came up with this idea about these two princesses with these magical gems in this magical land,” she remembers.

“It was so mesmerizing for us as kids and I think one day we were like, ‘Lets write it down.’ 

We have had so many drafts of this book — it has been finished so many times but we are really working to make it something that can hopefully get published one day and be a lot of fun for kids to read.”

Ally shared more fun facts about herself and the role that is making her famous when we caught up yesterday…

1.  She loved growing up in Utah.
“I live in a small town about a half an hour from Salt Lake City,” she says.  “I actually went to middle school in Salt Lake for two years. So it was really great growing up in Utah. It is not a very diverse state. (laughs) Obviously you have a big mormon community. I went to Catholic school but I had a lot of mormon friends. It was interesting to see THE BOOK OF MORMON come out because I know a lot about it and I have a lot of friends who are LDS. Honestly it is not any crazier than any other religion. They are really great people.”

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2. She moved to California at age 14.
“I lived in Oceanside for about a year and a half. My mom, bless her heart, would drive me twice a week, at least two hours, to LA. for auditions. That was really like me getting my foot in the door, which is kind of crazy for someone who has only done theater in Utah. Parenthood, obviously, is the first big thing I ever got.”

3. She’s a vegan:
“I have been vegetarian for about a year. I love meat, but I finally realized I love animals and I love meat so that doesn’t really work. You kinda have to choose one or the other. I have been completely vegan for 6 months.”

4. She’s half Greek:
“My dad’s side is Greek. My mom is Croation and Swedish. My family is a little bit like [MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING]. Most of my Greek relatives live in Atlanta and it is definitely like that. My grandfather is so Greek! I love him so much. He is just like that character in the movie that is always trying to relate things to Greece. I called him after episode 8 (‘Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped’) and he was like, ‘You did such a good job. I love PARENTHOOD. It reminds me of the ancient Greek plays…’ And he just went on about how PARENTHOOD was like an ancient Greek play.”

5. Her Twitter handle is @AllyTheNinja:
‘Ally The Ninja’ has been kind of my thing for a while now. When I was in middle school I kind of discovered the word ninja and was like “what a cool word!” First of all, ninjas are awesome. I kind of use ninja as — it can be an adjective or a verb. It can be anything you want it to be. And, you know, ninjas are awesome, so why not be a ninja.”

6. She loves her eyebrows!
“I have been told for a very long time that I have great eyebrows. I love that people are responding to my eyebrows. It is a little bit weird to talk about… I am trying not to touch them. Everybody always asks me, “Can I do your eyebrows?” And I am like, “No!” I don’t care about my hair. I will cut my hair, but don’t touch my eyebrows. I am trying to keep them full. I like them that way.”

7. She’s a lot like Dylan.
“I am not as extreme as her, of course! I haven’t gotten kicked out of school. [laughs] And I don’t challenge my teachers, but I can relate to Dylan. I wouldn’t call myself a girly girl. I like getting my hair done a lot and I like painting my nails.”

8. She is good friends with co-star Max Burkholder off camera:
“I think Max is great. We are pretty good friends, I think. He is a cool person and a great actor. We hang out.”

9. She reads your tweets!
“I love reading what people are saying about Dylan on Twitter because they are so into it. I am so into it, so it is cool. I think people really get it and have opinions, which is so awesome. I am really glad that people are respond to Dylan so well because there is some tension between Dylan and Max and I wasn’t sure how people were going to respond to that. But people have been really supporting Dylan, which is interesting.”

10. She’s firmly on #TeamDylan
“I personally think that Dylan handled the situation with Max really well. I do understand where Max is coming from and I can recognize that. But I definitely think in episode 8 she handle the situation really well. I think that Dylan is pretty cool.”

PARENTHOOD airs Thursday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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