‘Parenthood’: Crosby Will Die — And Other Theories On How It Will End

With just four episodes to go, everyone is guessing what will happen to the Bravermans

Parenthood cast
Everybody’s got a theory!

With just four more episodes until the series finale of PARENTHOOD, obsessed fans are filling every corner of the internet with predictions of how they think the beloved Bravermans will bow out.

This much we know: someone will die.

Executive producer Jason Katims made that much clear months ago.

But it might not be family patriarch Zeek (Craig T. Nelson), as recent story lines have lead viewers to believe.

One Reddit user believes it will be Crosby (Dax Shepard) who ends up being mourned — “either because he didn’t go to a doctor and his condition after the accident got worse, or maybe because he will have another accident.”

“The guy didn’t wear a helmet at the end of [a recent] episode – That’s a big red flag,” commenter VeteranG suggests.

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“Having the most cheerful character in the show die sucks, but it’s an evolution from young and careless crosby to the annoyed businessman that we see now.”

“It is always fun to hear what ideas people have,” series star Erika Christensen (Julia) told me during a recent interview.

“People are very, very invested.  As am I.”

Here’s a few more scenarios of how the show will end.


“Zeek won’t die in the in the last episode, that would be way too much of a downer for the end of the show. He will die an episode or two before the finale. Parenthood is such a hopeful and optimistic show, they’ll want to audience leaving knowing for sure that everything is going to be OK for the Bravermans: Adam takes over as patriarch, him and Crosby find financial security (I think it’ll happen outside of The Luncheonette, but realistically the odds are even either way), Sarah (and possibly Amber) will move in with Camille, three generations of Braverman women will come together to live and raise the first of the 4th generation of the family, and Joel and Julia will get back together. My predictions, mind you, but that’s how I’d like to see it end.”

6ksuit via Reddit

I  think Camille’s a goner, Adam will quit the Luncheonette, and Joel and Julia will be back together and announce it to the family in the series finale.”

– SweetCaroline12 via Gawker

“Zeke dies at the same moment Amber’s son is born, or soon after and she, of course, names him Zeke. Cros will probably have a scare (maybe internal injuries or something from the accident), but that’s all it will be (just like Amber’s scare last week). Joel and Julia will get back together, but it will take something to make Jules realize that she really wants Joel, not a simple “I will fight for you”. Hank will get back with his ex-wife, while Sara gets with Mr. Cyr. Amber and baby Zeke will move in with Millie to help out. Drew will graduate (or decide to major) in something that he really wants to do, like music or something. Literally nothing with change with Adam’s family because what would it be. They are perfect. THEN they dump the ashes out on that baseball diamond where victor got a hit.”

-mjcrawf via Reddit


“I think it’s going to be Crosby [who dies], a new bike accident or complications from internal damage done by his earlier accident, and I am guessing that they’ll draw it out into a “pull the plug or not” decision that spans an episode or two.

 – Bicyclemom via Reddit

“Zeek will die. Hank will go back to his ex-wife. Sarah and Amber will raise the baby. Ritter may come back there to help. Julia and Joel won’t get back together as the writers want to prove they have courage (the writers not Joel and Julia); too sick sweet to put ’em back together.”

– Christine Reed Harrison  via Facebook


“Amber [dies] during childbirth. Joel and Julia will get back together and raise her motherless child.”

– KK4Bama via Gawker


“In the series finale, Zeek is going to ask Drew to assist with his suicide. And for the first time in his life, Drew will realize that he kind of has a taste for murder, and a talent for convincing his victims it was their own idea. The last scene of the series will show him boarding an Air Syria flight to join ISIS as the rest of the family wonders how they can convince Ray Romano’s daughter to go with him. Fade to black. Credits roll. Collect that sweet rerun residual cash in perpetuity. The end.”

– GrammercyPolice via Gawker

“Adam will develop arteriovenous malformation, have a brain hemorrage and die while having sex. He’ll slip out of the coma before he dies, though, briefly. Just in time for Kristina to tell him that she forgives him for cheating on her, but that she wants a divorce.”

– Luminitha via Reddit


Camille dies in the second to last episode.  Zeek finds a way to get the old house back.  The family gathers on the patio to mourn its loss and reflect on moments from the past five years.  Julia, overcome with grief, finds comfort in Joel and they reconcile.  In the final scenes, Amber goes in to labor and delivers a baby girl, which she (of course) names Cammie.

How do you think the show will end?

Leave us your best guess in the comments section below.

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