‘MasterChef Junior’: Natalie’s Other Skills Will Amaze You

She dances, bakes and is a master of the aerial silks!

Natalie - Masterchef Junior

We all know she can cook.

But when she’s not in the kitchen, you just might find 12 year-old Natalie Jawher fling high in the air.

“I do aerial silks (a type of performance in which an performs acrobatic while hanging from a special fabric),” she tells me.

“I have been doing that for a while and I really like it.  My sister and I used to do it together at my old dance studio.”

Yes, this talented 8th grader dances, swims, rides horses…

“I do a lot of things,” she says.

These days, he focus is squarely on cooking.

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Natalie, from Stevenson Ranch, California, is one of 16 young amateur cooks competing on the Fox reality series judged by Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot.

Here’s some of what she had to share when we caught up recently in Los Angeles:

How long have you been cooking?
I have been cooking for quite a while.  Since I was maybe 6 or 7.  My mom and dad owned a Mexican restaurant, so I would always go there after school and I would enjoy going in to the kitchen and watching how they prepare the food.

So when you cook at home, is it usually Mexican food?
My cooking is influenced by my family and they mainly cook Mexican food, so when I am at home I cook a lot of Mexican food.

Does it throw you off when you have to cook something very different, like Chinese?
Not really.  I am a really quick learner.  So if it were to come to Chinese food or something like that, I would usually just ask how it is prepared and then get it from that.

Do you think you have an advantage because you are older?
I don’t feel like I have an advantage because all of these chefs are really good.

How do you describe yourself?
I think I am usually described by what I wear.  Everyone has a different fashion.  I am sort of the girly girl.

But you are not afraid to get messy in the kitchen…
No I am not.  I am not afraid to get my hands messy!

What was the hardest part of this experience for you?
I think meeting the judges was the hardest part.  They were very intimidating.  Especially Gordon.  I thought when I started the show that he was going to be very mean, but once I got to know him, I learned that he isn’t really all that mean.

Are you ready to become semi-famous?
Yeah.  I am ready.  Of course!  I am excited…

Did you every think that one day you would be famous?
When I was younger, I always wanted to be on TV or be an actress of some sort.  And now I guess my dream is coming true.

Who are some of your celebrity idols?
Mila Kunis, I love.  I love her acting and she is just amazing.

What do you like to watch on TV?
Besides MASTERCHEF, I watch a lot of shows on Food Network.  I also watch a lot of kids shows, like on Disney Channel.  I like JESSE and GIRL MEETS WORLD.

Are you nervous to see how you come across on TV?
I am excited to see how it turned out.

Do your friends ask you to cook for them?
Sometimes, yeah.  When they get hungry they can be like, “Will you cook for me?”

And at home?
I always cook with my grandma.  We used to cook every single day.

MASTERCHEF JUNIOR airs Tuesdays at 8:00 PM on Fox.

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