‘Parenthood’: Joel is Ready to Fight for His Marriage (Recap)


Joel is not ready for a last goodbye.

On the farewell season of PARENTHOOD he’s not giving up on his family without a fight.

Meanwhile, Amber and Hank are only now beginning to realize how difficult parenthood can be, with or without spousal support.


An emotional pep talk from Zeek was the kick in the pants Joel needed to come to his senses and fight for Julia. It has becoming increasingly clear just how unsure both of them are about ending things forever, especially now that their divorce papers are ready to be signed. Joel was quick to asset his desire for Julia to keep the home their children were raised in, while Julia subtly denied Chris’ advances.

My Two Cents: If this farewell season has another time jump in store, now would be the time for it to happen. Joel coming to tell Julia that he wasn’t done fighting for her was the first feel-good moment for the estranged couple all of this season and last, and it would be nice to see their happily ever after when this all comes to an end in episode 13.


Sandy hasn’t warmed up to the idea of Sarah being apart of Ruby’s life, and Hank was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Matters were only made worse by his decision to walk out in the midst of this latest tension. A quick-paced talk with Max helped him come to the conclusion that he had to confront Sandy, telling her of his recent Aspergers diagnosis. It was a necessary discussion between exes who’re continuing to raise a teenager together.

My Two Cents: I’m genuinely concerned for Hank and Sarah’s future. A certain returning guest star only adds to that fire.

It’s good that Sandy is in the know, but she and Hank might be getting a little too close for Sarah’s comfort. Their trip to Yogurtland might have been an innocent affair with their daughter, but both of them looked genuinely happy together, while Sarah looked perturbed by the idea of their day-long, across-state excursion.


With Adam and Kristina M.I.A., Amber was left to tend to Max and Nora. It was a test to see how she might handle young motherhood, and things quickly went haywire. Missing their chance to go to Alcatraz, Max let his emotions get the best of him, telling his cousin that she would make a horrible mother. Vulnerable as ever, Amber took his words to heart, and spent the rest of the day upstairs with Nora.

My Two Cents: It made little to no sense for Amber not to have left Nora with one of her aunts or uncles for the hours she and Max scheduled to visit Alcatraz. Max is more than just a handful, though, and if she can even marginally handle him, she’ll certainly be able to handle a newborn.

PARENTHOOD airs Thursday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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