‘Parenthood’: Too Big To Fail (Recap)

Last night’s episode featured a three-month time jump


Time has been no friend for Adam and Crosby Braverman.

Last night’s PARENTHOOD jumped ahead by three months, but the Luncheonette is still struggling to reap a profit.

Meanwhile, Dylan got closer to the Bravermans, and Amber and Ruby bonded over an unfortunate circumstance.


Adam and Crosby are running on fumes. The Luncheonette is on the verge of bankruptcy, and there’s very little they can do to salvage their business. With the added pressure of providing their pregnant niece with a livable salary, Adam will work day in and day out to establish a new course of action. Meanwhile, Crosby was tasked with confronting Jasmine about their financial struggles. Up until now, she had been left in the dark, but if they wish to survive these economic woes, they’ll have to cut back on everything immediately, including Jabbar’s birthday.

My Two Cents: It’s unclear how Adam and Kristina manage to afford for their family and Chambers Academy while business at the Luncheonette is plummeting. Nevertheless, it’s more realistic to see them struggling somewhere than to have them maintain two successful businesses. It keeps “Parenthood” from verging on fantastical storytelling.


Dylan might not yet be at a three when it comes to liking Max, but that’s just the start of Kristina’s concerns. She’s worried that her son’s new friend is spending time at their home to fill the void left by her near-absentee parents, and not to spend time with Max.

Dylan calms Kristina’s nerves by assuring her that she enjoys spending time with Max; he just gets stuck in his own head from time to time, making it difficult to spend all of her time with him.

My Two Cents: “Too Big to Fail” did a remarkable job defining Dylan’s character. She appears to have played a role in making Max more agreeable when it comes to his parents in the three months the show has jettisoned. That’s a good thing! Hopefully, she doesn’t break his heart. Max deserves a win, and we as an audience are dealing with enough heartbreak vis-à-vis Julia and Joel.


A rousing game of Celebrity didn’t go as planned, as a resentful Ruby walked out mid-play, leaving Hank embarrassed and hurt in front of Sarah and Amber. Disobeying her parents’ wishes, she snuck out in the middle of the night, joining her friends for an illegal libation. After helping her through a wicked hangover, Amber warned her could-be step-sister of the dangerous path she was on. She can’t continue rebelling against her parents if she ever wants to build the kind of relationship that Amber has built with her own mother.

My Two Cents: It’s unclear whether this is the end of the rebellious Ruby saga. Nonetheless, last night’s C-plot did a stupendous job showing the pros and cons of a mixed family.

PARENTHOOD airs Thursday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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