‘2.5 Men’: Jon Cryer ‘Wouldn’t Object’ To Charlie Sheen Return

"This show has gone in directions that I did not expect before, so I don’t write it off.”

Time has healed at least one wound.

Jon Cryer tells me he “wouldn’t object” to former co-star Charlie Sheen returning on the final season of TWO AND A HALF MEN.

Sheen, of course, was fired in 2011 after very publicly feuding with boss and show creator Chuck Lorre.

“If there was a way that it could service the story, great,” Cryer says.  “[But] the story doesn’t include it now.  I don’t know how they would do that and as far as I know there are no plans to do that.  But this show has gone in directions that I did not expect before, so I don’t write it off.”

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One thing Cryer — and most of us — never saw coming was Alan and Waldon [Ashton Kutcher] getting married in a wacky attempt to adopt a child.

It is a storyline that will run through throughout the show’s final season, which kicks off tonight.

“This is a sincere effort on their part — not just a thing they are going to throw away after the first episode,” Cryer says.

“Remember, [Alan] wanted to get married at the end of last season.  So he will start having that nostalgia, that empty nest syndrome.  Since this is a situation comedy these things happen very rapidly.  But they both have an incident occur that gives them a new outlook on life, so they have to reassess everything.”

After 12 seasons, Cryer admits he is “ready to go.”

“I have loved it, but I would have wished for a little less nudity on my part,” he says.

“The sadness for me is that that is all over the world and all over the internet for the rest of my life.  Of course I have mixed feelings.  I will miss the crew and the writers.  It was a dream job in so many respects.”

“When you play a character for that long there is a point where you feel like, ‘OK, I have got to be somebody else.’  So I am looking forward to the other stuff I can do.”

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