‘Parenthood’: Zeek’s Deterioration Might Be Red Herring (Recap)

Is it Camille who will die this season?

The farewell season of PARENTHOOD has promised to deal with mortality, but is Zeek’s deterioration just a red herring?

Following his open heart surgery, everyone is rightfully concerned for the Braverman patriarch. Meanwhile, no one’s taking into account the burden that Zeek’s health has placed on an aging Camille (Bonnie Bedilia).


Zeek Braverman (Craig T. Nelson) has always been a man’s man, but his open heart surgery has required him to seek out the help of his loved ones. Afraid of losing his independence, he remained on his couch for days on end, refusing to join his wife or children on doctor-recommended walks around the block.

In the end, cancer survivor Kristina (Monica Potter) pulled off what Camille could not. She sympathized with her father-in-law’s distaste for everyone thinking his health woes were a battle for all to conquer, and convinced him to join her for a walk outdoors.

My Two Cents: Camille is rightfully concerned for her husband, but only Adam and Kristina see the impact these newfound stresses are having on the family matriarch. Zeek’s road to recovery has only just begun. In the interim, someone should keep an eye on Camille, granting her the same amount of attention they’ve always given Zeek.


Crosby has the weight of his family’s finances on his shoulders, and the bruises of his recent motorcycle kerfuffle on his ribcage. Not only does he have his own wife and children to worry about, but also Adam and his wife and children. It never occurred to Adam to sign Oliver Rome as a solo artist when he and Crosby signed Ashes of Rome and turned the Luncheonette into a full-fledged record label. Now, Rome’s ditching his band, signing with a rival label before consulting with the businessmen who made him a star. As a result, the Luncheonette is on the verge of bankruptcy, and with Adam’s attention focused on helping Kristina and Chambers Academy, a giant burden has been placed on Crosby to make everything alright.

My Two Cents: Infiltrating Oliver Rome’s yoga retreat proved ineffective, but it at least it provided laughs in an otherwise darker episode. Furthermore, I will be just as worried about Crosby’s health as I am about Camille’s until Jasmine forces him to get to a doctor.


In his own unique way, Max appears infatuated with Chambers Academy’s newest student, Dylan. She, like him, has Asperger’s, but is far more outspoken. She instantly gets off on the wrong foot with Kristina, who’s concerned by her behavior towards Max following last year’s canteen incident. She is sickened by the idea of Max being referred to as “Asperger’s,” no matter if Dylan’s intentions are good or bad.

My Two Cents: Last season, Adam was excited about the prospect of Sarah winding up with Hank, if only because it proved that people like him and Max were capable of having and reciprocating the love that comes of a companionship. For Max and Dylan to become friends, or even more that that, it’ll reinforce what Adam has hoped was possible, and give Max an age-appropriate peer.

PARENTHOOD airs Thursday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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