‘Parenthood’: Bravermans Can’t Bypass the Truth (Recap)

As Zeek underwent bypass surgery, Amber faced Ryan with the help of her younger brother.

Zeek gives each and every Braverman their strength, so it came as no surprise that each of his children were at their most vulnerable state while he underwent open heart surgery.

Amber knew it in her heart that she had to tell Ryan (Matt Lauria) about their baby. She didn’t do it for the sympathy, or for the financial support. She also didn’t do it expecting to get back together with Ryan. The former PTSD-addled soldier has yet to kick his pill addiction, and Amber doesn’t want him apart of her or the baby’s life until he gets his act together.

My Two Cents: In the end, Amber left the door open for Ryan to eventually be apart of her life, just not now. After talking it through with Drew (Miles Heizer), she knew she couldn’t take care of Ryan any longer. It was time for her to take care of herself. It was a fine moment of self-actualization for the once troubled teenager who has blossomed into a responsible young adult.

For the first time, “Parenthood” is tackling the issue of a mixed family. With Sarah and Hank going strong, it’s just as important for his daughter to connect with Sarah as it is for Ruby to reconnect with her estranged father. Sandy (Betsy Brandt) isn’t making that any easier, but neither is Ruby. In last night’s episode, Sarah caught Hank’s daughter shoplifting, and according to Sandy, it’s an ongoing problem.

My Two Cents: Sandy might not be too keen on Sarah just yet, but that’ll all change if Sarah can get Ruby to open up as she’s done in the past. Hank is doing the best he can with his daughter given his condition. Hopefully Sandy will realize that in the weeks to come.

Zeek’s procedure had everyone on edge. While Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) worried that death would do them part, a pessimistic Adam and an overly buoyant Crosby (Dax Shepard) argued over how to feel about their father’s chances. The added stress of Oliver Rome’s latest meltdown resulted in the scariest scene of the night as Crosby crashed his motorcycle and cheated death. While that was happening, Julia told Joel that she was seeing someone else.

My Two Cents: There’s never a shortage of melodrama in Berkley, and the added concern for Zeek only escalated that melodrama. Adam and Crosby always find a way to move past their arguments, but I’m not so sure about Julia and Joel. It might be time for us, and for Sydney, to mentally prepare for the worst.

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Ryan Schwartz

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