‘Idol’: Alum Casey Abrams Raising Money For Acting Debut

“I was sort of a weird character and I think they thought I would fit well as a weird character in their movie"

Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams will perform a private concert in your living room or backyard — if you help fund his big screen acting debut.

An Indiegogo campaign is underway to raise money for the movie OFFER & COMPROMISE, in which the AMERICAN IDOL alum has been tapped to play an unhappy bill collector.

“[The producers] saw me on IDOL,” he tells me.  “I was sort of a weird character and I think they thought I would fit well as a weird character in their movie.”

The cast of OFFER & COMPROMISE also includes Tom Cavanagh, Constance Zimmer, French Stewart and Christopher McDonald.

As of today, the film — billed as “A comedy about the durability of family, marriage… and debt” — had raised $47,550 of its $150,000 goal with 19 days left in the campaign.

“We are still hopeful,” Abrams says.

In the meantime, the IDOL favorite is making his way across the U.S. performing in small clubs and writing songs for an upcoming CD.

We are doing these little six hour drives from town to town playing these little theater gigs,” he says.

“We started off the tour [October2].  We started in Arkansas, now we are in Kansas. We are just touring and playing music all over the place.”

He told me more about the movie, the tour and why he refuses to cut his hair when we caught up last week.

Is it exciting to be back on the road making music?
It is so exciting.  I haven’t done my driving shift yet, so I am very happy.  [laughs] But we will see what happens when I take over the wheel.  Right now it is very beautiful.  There are really cool trees.  I live in California where there are a lot of mountains.  Now it is really cool to be in the flatlands.

Are you still primarily trading on your IDOL fame?
I am trying to find a different audience.  I have long hair now and the IDOL audience is like, ‘Yo, cut your hair!’  And I am like, ‘No.’  So I attract different people that are in to the long hair.

They are tweeting at you?
Yeah.  Some of them like it.  The longtime fans will stay with me.  But the ones that are just IDOL fans will leave.

Why did you decide to grow it out?
I had it long even before IDOL, but I cut it for the show and then I realized I kind of wanted it back.  And its not as red anymore.  I am not chemically changing it or anything like that.  I am just spending more time in the sun.  I am blondifying it.

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When you were on IDOL what did you think was going to happen next for you?  Do you just expect it is all going to be a piece of cake…?
I knew that it was going to take some work and that I was going to have to work hard after IDOL.  And I am.  I working super hard.  We are doing these 6 hour drives and playing every single night.  Doing meet and greets.  There is a lot of time and energy that goes in to it.

But did you think that a few years later you were going to be back to driving six hours to play a club gig?
I guess I didn’t really think about that.  I think when I was on the AMERICAN IDOL tour, I started to realize that they were all fans of the show, not necessarily fans of mine.  We all kind of discussed that — all of the contestants and I.  We realized we were going to have to work hard after that.  But during the show, of course, I was like, “Ok, lets go to Staples center every single night.”

In the movie, you will play a collection agent…
Yeah, he’s someone who doesn’t really want to be there.  But I gotta make some money.  In the story I am being bossed around by some people who love being there, but they are kind of evil people.

What makes somebody want to become a collection agent?
I don’t know.  I think they know it is an odd job.  It is kind of like working at a morgue.  There is a lot of negative energy that you have to deal with.

Almost every struggling musician has probably gotten a call from a collection agent at some point.  Have you?
No.  So far I am blessed.  But who knows, there is time.

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