Experts: Miley Cyrus Needs A ‘Girlfriend Intervention’

African American stars of new Lifetime series want to give the singer a "sisterhood" makeover

Girlfriend Intervention

Miley Cyrus needs to get in touch with her inner black woman.

And the stars of GIRLFRIEND INTERVENTION would love to help.

“She is trying to be sexy and doing it in all the wrong ways,” says “fashion maven” Tiffany Dixon, one of four African American lifestyle pros who help homely, misguided white women get their mojo back on the new Lifetime reality series.

“While I embrace Miley’s creativity and her willingness to be open and honest and creative and just living life as she wants to, I would kind of tone it down a bit,” “soul coach” Tanisha says.  

“I would think there are some other things going on that she hasn’t addressed and she could express herself in so many other ways than she has been doing.  And if she gave the sisterhood a chance, we could make Miley even fiercer than she is today.”

GIRLFRIEND INTERVENTION, premiering Wednesday, is like QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY — but with more finger wavin’ sass and racial stereotypes.

Per Lifetime’s official release:

Each week, four brilliant, confident and stylish African American women (soul coach Tanisha Thomas, fashion maven Tiffiny Dixon, sanctuary guru Nikki Chu, beauty pro Tracy Balan) help their white sisters get their mojo back by using humor, chemistry and spirit to restore her confidence and inner glow.  In making over their wardrobes, beauty routines, homes and minds, our hosts teach these women how to embrace and celebrate their lives, speak their mind, lighten up and love themselves again.


The show has already been criticized for being “borderline offensive” in the way its hosts force a dowdy 24 year-old real estate agent named Emily to strut down the “catwalk of shame” — and mock her granny panties — on an episode provided to media for reviews.

“The catwalk of shame was really hard,” Emily tells the camera at one point.  “I believe they are trying to help me on this journey, whatever this journey is, but I am just feeling really fragile right now.”

Still, the experts stand by their tactics.

“I think our job is to bring things to reality,” Tanisha tells me. “We break you down but we make sure that we build you up.  We force you to look at the truth.  And really take a look at why you let yourself go in the first place.  But we do it with love.   It is a lot of tough love but we do it well.”

Adds Tiffany:  “The best way I know how to respect you and to help you is to always offer my truth the way I see it.  Another theme that goes through the show is that a lot of your friends aren’t going to tell you the truth.  Clearly they haven’t been telling you the truth.  As a sisterhood, we are going to give it to you the way it really is so that we can deal with it and fix it.”

GIRLFRIEND INTERVENTION airs Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on Lifetime.

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