Morgan Stewart: ‘There Is So Much Drama’ On New Season Of ‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’

“I definitely brought it this season. We all exposed more personal things than we did the first time"

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Morgan Stewart isn’t holding anything back — including the ugly fights that threaten to end her relationship with boyfriend Brendan Fitzpatrick — on the upcoming season of #RICHKIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS.

“I definitely brought it this season,” she tells me proudly — but with a hint of terror in her voice. 

“We all exposed more personal things than we did the first time.  The first season was much more introductory.  And this time, I think we really hit the surface of what makes us tick as people.  I don’t really remember a lot of the things we did or said, so I just feel like there are going to be a lot of surprises for me.”

Morgan, 27, is one of five well-heeled twenty-somethings who shot to pop culture stardom this year on the E! channel reality series about parties, wealth and excess.

There have already been (planted?) reports in the entertainment press about friction in her long time relationship with the young real estate mogul.  

And this week, Brendan revealed the pair ditched plans to move in together.

One of their biggest clashes, it seems, is over kids.

“We have a little disagreement throughout filming about [whether to have] children,” Morgan admits.  “I am still a child myself.  So yeah, we definitely had to go through that.  That was something we had to overcome.”

Morgan — who also pens the popular blog — told me more about the state of her relationship and what to expect in season two when we she returned to Los Angeles yesterday.

Morgan Stewart Brendan Fitzgerald

Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzgerald. Is there trouble in paradise?

There is usually a while between filming a show and when it airs.  Are we going to see an accurate reflection of where you and Brendan are today or will this be old news by the time it airs?
No.  Everything is pretty consistent.  We are still shooting now, so we are not completely wrapped.  I think the show is a natural evolution.  The way the season is ending is where he and I currently stand.  So I think it is all going to be pretty relevant.  

Have you come up with a compromise to the baby problem?
Isn’t that the point of a relationship?  You have to compromise.  And we have definitely come up with a compromise — one that you will see when you watch the season.

In the past six months, you guys have become pop culture celebrities.  Do you feel like your life has changed?
I feel like my social media has changed.  I have a lot of opportunities that are pretty cool that I probably would not have were it not for the show in terms of my website growing and expanding.  But I don’t really feel any different personally.   When I am sweaty and gross and somebody says “Let’s take a picture.”  And I don’t want to, but I do anyway… That is when things start to get a little strange.  

There is actually a lot of footage this season of you with no makeup on.  Is that terrifying?
It was a personal choice.  I could have come to all the scenes we were filming in full hair and makeup.  I just decided that is just not realistic and that is not me.  So I am not going to put myself on TV as somebody that has perfectly gloss lips all the time.  I don’t have the patience for that.  I don’t feel pretty enough every day to make myself look pretty.

One of the big story lines this season is your group trip to China.  What are you allowed to tell me about that?
I am allowed to disclose that we went there.  I am allowed to disclose that there are definitely some heated moments.  It was definitely one of the harder things we have all had to do as friends and for the show.  And that is basically all I can disclose.  

You are back now, so you obviously didn’t go to jail…
Exactly.  And I lost a lot of weight there.  I mean, I love Chinese food, but after ten days it gets a little bit redundant.

Did the people in China know who you were?
They did not, but people on more than one occasion thought I was Britney Spears.  I am really blonde, you know.

Was it weird to go a place where you are unknown again?
You know what?  I don’t really consider myself to be someone that people know.  It hasn’t really seeped into my head yet.  I just looked at it as an excuse to go on an amazing trip with five of my friends.   Maybe after this season it will be different and then that would be refreshing.  But nothing has been that crazy.

Are you asked for autographs a lot on the street?
Mostly pictures.  Selfies.  Autographs are so old school.  

How is the website coming? 
It’s going really, really well.  That has been the most exciting thing for me, watching it grow.  I always wanted it to be a real business.  I had a following before but it was more local.  Now it has put a little bit of money in my pocket — which is cool — but now I have a newfound passion for it.  It is a professional little business now.

Will you hire writers and staff?
I will never hire a writer.  I may hire someone eventually to help with pictures and postings and helping things run smoothly.  But it will always go back to the original idea of me venting about whatever is on my mind.  

Do you have any kind of personal assistant in your day to day life?
My mom.  [laughs]

Will we see a lot of her this season?
I don’t know how much she will actually make it in, but she will probably be in maybe two episodes.

And what about your dad?  We didn’t see much of him last season…
He doesn’t want to be on TV.

Is he embarrassed by all the attention?
No.  He thinks I am the coolest girl he knows.  He is really proud of me.  And let’s be honest:  I was never going to be pre-med.  He always expected I would be in the entertainment business in some capacity, so they are more than happy for me.  They really, honestly, could not me more proud of me.

Last question — If you could use your newfound celebrity for anything other than profit and self-promotion, what would you do?
I am very, very into animals.  I know that sounds cheesy.  And not too much horses — I have to be real with you.  But I would love to help animal shelters and things of that nature.

#RICHKIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS returns August 3 on E!


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