Fox: ‘Utopia’ Is Not A Grown Up ‘Kid Nation’

"It’s got some similarities, but the format is very, very different”

UtopiaThe head of Fox’s reality programming department insists the new “social experiment” UTOPIA is not a grown up version of the 2007 CBS series KID NATION.

“I love KID NATION,” Simon Andreae told a gathering of TV critics yesterday in Beverly Hills.

“But, if you remember, when the 40 or so kids go into that desert environment at the beginning, the producers are very explicit about who are going to be initial rulers, what they are going to eat for supper, the games they play and the challenges they do. 

“This is this is not a structured show at all. There’s no prize. There are almost no rules at all. We set them up, and we watch.

“In terms of the fundamental desire to see whether a team of people can collaborate in order to do things a bit differently and offer suggestions is a living example to the world, then, yes, it’s got some similarities, but the format is very, very different.”

UTOPIA — based on a format created in Holland by super-producer John de Mol — will attempt to see if 15 individuals from different backgrounds can form their own society and live together in a remote location for one year.

So far, producers have been able to narrow more than 5000 applicants down to approximately 40.  Final casting decisions will be made in the coming weeks.

The three night series premiere of UTOPIA begins September 7 on Fox.


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