‘Last Comic Standing’: Lachlan Patterson Nearly Gave Up His Dream

"I was done trying to impress people. I was getting really stressed out."

Lachlan PattersonLachlan Patterson nearly missed out on his lifelong dream!

The Top 8 finalist — and odds-on-favorite to win NBC’s LAST COMIC STANDING — initially turned down an invitation to appear on the show and was content to earn cash walking dogs in Venice Beach, California after years of rejection and low paying gigs.

“I was done trying to impress people,” he tells me.  

“I was just going to do stand up comedy for me and my agent.  If a well paying gig came along great, I would take it.”

Of course, the Vancouver-born comic with dashing movie star looks still had plenty of supporters.

“But I wasn’t hearing them,” he admits.  “I was getting really stressed out.  I was only hearing the people that didn’t believe in me.  I was letting that negativity in.  I just didn’t want to be rejected anymore.  This [show] felt like a trap.  So I [originally] said ‘No.’  But they bugged my agent and that was very flattering.”

This is Lachlan’s second experience with the NBC competition.  

He would be just as happy to forget the first.

“It was humiliating,” he remembers.   “Ant said I shouldn’t be a comedian, I should be a model.  And [season 3 winner] Alonzo Bodden said, ‘I have heard all of this before.’  It was really rough.  So I said, ‘I don’t need to be criticized by these people.’  I said I would never do that again.’”

Lachlan admits it was Ant’s comment that cut the deepest.

“Hearing that from a judge just kind of sunk my soul a little bit,” he says.  

“It was the last thing I wanted to hear.  And I still get that all the time. I guess I have to learn to embrace it more.”

“It’s nice when people tell me that I am attractive, but it’s a lot nicer when they say I am funny,” he admits.  

“For the first ten years of my career everyone introduced me as: ‘This next comedian is really hot…’  or ‘This is the best looking comedian you will ever see…’  And it just drove me nuts!  When are they just going to say, ‘He’s the funniest?’”

Perhaps on mid-August.

Many viewers believe Lachlan has what it takes to be the LAST COMIC STANDING and grab the show’s top prize — $250,000 and a network development deal.

But, Lachlan cautions, “If they pick me to win, they are kind of going to have to work around me.  I am going to do things my way.   I have got great ideas [for a television show].  When I do it other peoples way it doesn’t work.”

Lachlan says the sitcom of his dream would take place in his adopted hometown of Venice and may even include some dog walking.

“I have never seen [this comcept] on TV before but I believe it is a great concept,” he says. “It is the most honest thing I could possibly do.

“I can’t imagine having a show on NBC.  That would be amazing.  But if it doesn’t happen, I have a lot of ideas and I think I have enough support to still make them happen.”

LAST COMIC STANDING airs Thursdays at 10:00 PM on NBC.


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