Roseanne: I Would Win ‘Last Comic Standing!’

"You have to have that kind of self confidence being a standup comic”

Roseanne - LCS

Roseanne Barr is one of three celebrity judges on the revamped NBC series, LAST COMIC STANDING.
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Roseanne Barr believes she would have been the LAST COMIC STANDING.

The sharp-tongued jokester — one of three celebrity judges on the revamped NBC competition — says she would easily have come out on top if the show existed when she was starting out.

“I would have won!” Barr told reporters in a conference call Tuesday. “I did, in fact, win the Denver Laugh Off and that is kind of what propelled my career. I did a number of other untelevised comedy contests. But I think I would have really worked really hard [on LCS]. That is what I like about these comics. They are really prepared. I would not have entered a contest unless I was really prepared and thought I could win.

“[As judges], we are seeing who is prepared and who isn’t. And that is the most exciting part to me. But of course I have to say I would have won. You have to have that kind of self confidence being a standup comic. You have to really believe in what you do and that you are the best at what you do.”

Roseanne — who describes herself as “a mouthy bitch” — joins the show just months after publicly declaring she would never work in television again. “I meant developed, scripted [TV],” she clarified, adding, “I am watching some really incredibly talented people. I am not having my brains raked over the coals. I am laughing. I am getting awesome craft service. So for me, this is fantastic.”

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