‘Mad Men’: ‘A Day’s Work’ (Recap)

Mad Men A Day's Work

If you thought things felt a bit off last week, you’re in luck.  Things look to be heading back on track for the employees of Sterling Cooper & Partners.

Don’s back in the suit, Roger’s back in the office, Pete’s back to being miserable – this is the MAD MEN that we know and love.

Here’s what went down in this week’s installment.

Don Reconnects With Sally

The relationship between Don and Sally may be the most important one on this show, and last season, it was essentially broken (catching your father cheating on his wife is liable to do that). There’s so much nuance and drama to this plot that it could have carried the episode on its own, easily. The fact that Sally is the first person outside of the office to find out about Don’s suspension (even before Megan!) speaks volumes about what characters Weiner and his writers are emphasizing for this final season.

Flowers For Peggy

It’s Valentine’s Day and, of course, Peggy doesn’t have any plans. But she sees flowers on her secretary’s desk and assumes they’re for her from Ted, resulting in an increasingly embarrassing day for her. Honestly, we’ve known Peggy long enough to know that she should be smarter than this, but last week really hammered home how lonely Peggy is now, so the plot worked better than it normally would have. Plus, it helped lead to one of the bigger developments of the episode…

Joan Gets A Promotion!

After she fails to be around when Sally shows up looking for her father, Lou requests Dawn be assigned somewhere else. Then, after embarrassing herself, Peggy requests Shirley be moved, too. And Bert Cooper won’t allow either of them to be at the front desk. In the middle of trying to deal with this, Joan is stressed beyond belief, and Jim realizes that she basically works two jobs. He gives Joan the office upstairs with the account executives, and Dawn gets Joan’s office, which was great to see happen. Her smile sitting down at that desk was just infectious.

Quote of the Episode:

“Just cash the checks. You’re gonna die one day.” – Ted Chaough

If that isn’t the entire philosophy of this show in a nutshell, I don’t know what is.

Mad Men airs Sundays at 10:00 PM on AMC.

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