Preview: ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Returns To Amy’s Baking Company

The owners aren’t stealing tips anymore, but they are still at war with Gordon Ramsay

Amys Baking Company - Kitchen Nightmares

The owners of Amy’s Baking Company aren’t stealing employee tips anymore, but they are still at war with Gordon Ramsay.

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES kicks off its sixth season with a return to the controversial Arizona eatery where bosses Samy and Amy Bouzaglio have been known to keep customers waiting up to 90 minutes for food — and kick them to the curb for complaining.

It’s a can’t miss hour complete with never-before-seen footage and an explosive new interview with America’s most polarizing restaurateurs.

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“I am going to go against Fox, against Gordon Ramsay, [and] KITCHEN NIGHTMARES,” Samy declares in the episode to be broadcast Friday, April 11.

“Who is [Ramsay]? He has no balls. He is jealous of my balls!”

The Bouzaglios found themselves at the center of a social media firestorm last summer after Ramsay walked out and the husband and wife team began firing back at customers who posted negative reviews online.

The shouty chef did not return to the scene of the crime for the update. He sent former L.A. newscaster Ana Garcia to check in on the fiery couple instead.

Amy's Baking Company shirts

Ramsay narrates the episode from what appears to be a soundstage dressed as a restaurant.

“Last year something happened that shocked me and millions of you when I tried to help a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona and I was forced to do something I have never done — walk away,” he tells viewers.

“I went to Amy’s Baking Company to help, but the owners were incapable of listening.”

“There was such a strong reaction to the episode that we decided to give you an update on what has happened since.”

I had a chance to preview the entire episode over the weekend and learned:

Amy is still at war with Yelpers. “We were made to look like the most psychotic lunatic people in the universe. After watching KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, I see all the crazy, but I don’t see any of the good. I know that people that came here were Yelpers because I have proof of it. They were on Yelp talking about it after they were filming and before they were coming here. This is not stuff that I have invented. I am not delusional. I am not crazy. Yes, we are passionate. Yes, we are wild. If I came after you, you would probably stand up, too.”

The Butaglios continue to insist their social media accounts were hacked. “Every single post that was written calling people [expletives] and making fun of them for not making money did not come from us,” Amy says. “We didn’t say those things. Now we are [saying them]. Because now you have lit the fire inside of us. Now when we are calling people little trolls and tell them that they have no balls, yes, that is us. I think it takes a very special kind of person. It is called a Unick to be able to call someone and bully them over the phone or on the internet when you don’t know who they are.”

Amy and Samy are trying to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame. They currently offer a selection of T-shirts for sale on their website displaying catchphrases such as “Here’s Your Pizza. Go F**k Yourself!” ($30)

Amy’s customers are still having fun at her expense. One left a giant rubber cockroach behind after a recent visit to the store.

The restaurant still serves frozen ravioli. “But they are excellent,” Samy insists.


Miss the original episode?  Check it out below — and don’t forget to leave a comment…

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