‘Parenthood’: Joel Pushes Julia Farther Away (Recap)

Are Joel and Julia leaning towards divorce as season five marches towards its finish?

Parenthood Recap - Joel

This week’s episode of PARENTHOOD brought drastic and frustrating resolution to Joel and Julia’s marriage woes.

After weeks of dealing with an unresponsive spouse, Julia finally convinced Joel that it was necessary to discuss the stasis of their separation. Still convinced there was more to her relationship with Ed, he told his wife he wouldn’t feel comfortable reconciling anytime soon. Fed up and devastated, the episode closed with Julia meeting Ed, though the extent of their impending time together was not clear.

My Two Cents: [Executive producer] Jason Katims and company are screwing up. Big time! In its first season, Joel and Julia were faced with a similar situation when single mom, Racquel (Erinn Hayes), was throwing herself at Joel. She had attempted to kiss him, though he hadn’t reciprocated. Still, Julia forgave her husband despite her jealousy, and all was well. It’s perplexing that throughout all of this, Julia has failed to being up Racquel as a defense for what transpired with Joel, and I’m flabbergasted that he’d honestly believe his wife was unfaithful.

Also in Episode 519 [“Fraud Alert”]:


After last week’s devastating field trip incident, Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) remain undecided on where to place Max (Max Burkholder). He’s already decided that he’s not going back to Cedar Knoll, and the principal seems fine with letting Max ride out his remaining 30 school days at home rather than dealing with last week’s unmeditated bullying. Mr. Knight (Zachary Knighton), already a pseudo member of Team Braverman, seems equally disbursed by the principal’s decision.

My Two Cents: I fear the writers are stalling, only because they know this season closes with the establishment of Braverman Charter. Very little progressed tonight following last week’s traumatic event.

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Still undecided on whether he’s ready to throw in the towel on Casa de Braverman, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) took Crosby (Dax Shepard) along on a all-day road trip to track down a rare piece for the his recently repaired GTO. As we’d soon find out however, this trip was never about the car. For the first time in his life, Zeek’s feeling old, and in his eyes, selling the home where he raised his children feels like giving up altogether.

My Two Cents: I still have my doubts about the sale of Zeek and Camille’s home, but my bigger question lies in Crosby’s latest purchase: if he and Jasmine could barely afford repairing their house from mold damage, how on earth could he avoid a motorcycle!?


Had you not seen the promo for this week’s PARENTHOOD, Mark Cyr’s (Jason Ritter) return might have come as a shock, though as it turns out, his return appeared to have marked his last.

As Sarah (Lauren Graham) learned over a misleading dinner invitation, Mr. Cyr is engaged to be married, and furthermore, he’s now a published author.

My Two Cents: Jason Ritter has always been wonderful, but his time on PARENTHOOD has long since run its course. Though his demeanor remained gentle, I couldn’t help but think he confronted Sarah about his engagement as a means of getting back at her for how sloppily she handled their breakup. Whatever the case, his return felt like the show buying time for the eventual union of Hank (Ray Romano) and Sarah.

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