‘Off With Their Heads!’ – 5 TV Characters We’d Love To See Killed Off

If something were to “happen” to those characters, would it make their shows better?


There’s always that one character, isn’t there?

That one that eats up all the screen time that could be going to the guys you actually want to see.

Now, we aren’t suggesting anything crazy, but if something were to “happen” to those characters, something that would take them out of the picture? Hey, maybe the show would be even better.

There’s only one way to find out. ..

In honor of the impending return of GAME OF THRONES, a series that’s so kill-happy that fans recorded their reactions to character deaths during the infamous “Red Wedding,” here are 5 TV characters we’d be all too glad to see sleeping with the fishes.

1. THE WALKING DEAD – Rick Grimes
(Andrew Lincoln)
The show is about zombies, after all.  Rick’s been the leader of the group since the beginning, but he’s always been rather dull. This season has seen the show shift focus to other members of the group, going episodes at a time without our heroic sheriff. Maybe it’s time to make that the permanent status quo?

Ice-T - Fin Tutuola

Let’s be honest:  Why is this former rapper a member of the Special Victims Unit in the first place? He doesn’t play characters.  Ice-T just plays Ice-T. Seeing this guy in an episode of LAW AND ORDER is like watching somebody who stumbled onto the set and the cameras just kept rolling. After 14 years, it might be time for one of these cases to be his last.

Gloria3. MODERN FAMILY – Gloria Pritchett
(Sofia Vergara)
This is a pretty funny show, and Gloria was a pretty funny character. But I stopped watching it years ago, and she was the primary reason. How many times could anyone be expected to keep listening to her shrill, eardrum-popping shriek every time she’s mad at her husband? “JAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!”

Betty Draper - January Jones

4. MAD MEN – Betty Draper
(January Jones)
Everybody loves Don Draper. (Or, at least, they love to watch him fall). But MAD MEN fans unite in their loathing of his rarely seen ex-wife, Betty. Since she and Don split years ago, she has become pretty much irrelevant to the storyline.  Am I the only one who secretly hopes Sally snaps one day and takes her out for good?

Jeffrey Game of Thrones5. GAMES OF THRONES – Joffrey Baratheon
(Jack Gleeson)
Somehow, GAME OF THRONES has managed to kill off every fan favorite and left this little jerk still standing (er, sitting on a throne made of swords). Joffrey is the character every GAME OF THRONES fan despises. We throw popcorn at the screen every time he opens his mouth. He’s so hated that fans have sent hate mail to Jack Gleeson – a true sign that if Joffrey’s head ended up on a pike, it would be time to rejoice.

Which characters are you sick of?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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