‘Parenthood’: Zeke and Camille Have Best Story Of Season 5

Much of their story, in recent weeks, has focused on Camille’s desire to sell the family home

Zeke and Camille Parenthhood

Will Zeek and Camille finally hang a sold sign in front of Casa de Braverman?

This week’s episode of PARENTHOOD brought two potential buyers into the mix — including one that is willing to pay above the couple’s asking price.

Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) continue to have the most compelling narrative on an otherwise unbalanced fifth — and final? — season of TV’s best family drama.

Much of their story, in recent weeks, has focused on Camille’s desire to sell the home where her children were raised and spend more time traveling.

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As the episode closed upon Zeek’s blank stare, I couldn’t help but wonder whether she might cave for the sake of her husband’s happiness — even if she’s already made her point that every decision she’s made in their marriage has been to appease him and their children.

My Two Cents:  It’s hard to imagine the Braverman family calling any other place “home” — but if the writers allow her to cave, they’ll have soiled an otherwise near-perfect arc for the show’s most under-appreciated duo.

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Also in Episode 518 [“The Offer”]:

So much of season five has focused on Kristina (Monica Potter) that it’s easy to forget how focused the show once was on Max’s (Max Burkholder) struggles with Aspergers.

At one point, Max was the family’s biggest concern.  But as he grew older, and the show’s supporting cast expanded, his journey became less relevant.  Now Max has lost his ability to cope, leading to this week’s heartbreaking scene where his parents drove him home after a devastating class trip.

If his classmates’ laughing and teasing weren’t already enough, one of them took it upon themselves to urinate in his canteen.

My Two Cents:  The idea of Kristina and Adam opening a charter school is still preposterous.  But we have now seen exactly why Max needs to make a break from the public school system.

Who wasn’t saddened to see poor Victor (Xolo Mariduena) — who has made so many personal strides this season — fear that he was the cause of Julia and Joel’s separation. 

My Two Cents:  The separation over something so trivial is nothing short of ridiculous and distracts from the show’s other quality story lines.  It would be a shame to watch Victor relive his fears of abandonment.

It has been hard to swallow Hank’s (Ray Romano) drama in recent weeks.  His bond with Max has been one of this year’s highlights, but watching him struggle with his feelings for Sarah has been painful at best.

My Two Cents:  If Hank’s feelings overtake the more likeable components of his personality, the character will become even more difficult to digest.

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