Benjamin Stockham: Meet The Boy From ‘About A Boy’

"I always wanted to be seen on TV!  I wanted to tell my friends, ‘That's me.’"

Benjamin Stockham

Benjamin Stockham made a television debut he might rather forget — as an extra on HANNAH MONTANA.

“I was the kid picking his nose on the Halloween episode,” he remembers with an embarrassed laugh.

“I was one of the trick-or-treaters.  I was a little sad that they got the scene where I was picking my nose.  It is actually in the episode on screen!”

And Benjamin — now a star of NBC’s hit comedy ABOUT A BOY — admits that wasn’t even the worst of it.

“In the episode I was eating candy and I choked on some and I blacked out,” he tells me.  Apparently [Miley Cyrus] was really worried about me.”

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Benjamin — who was born in La Mesa, Califonia — has since gone on to appear in several films as will as the short-lived sitcoms SONS OF TUCSON and 1600 PENN.

In ABOUT A BOY — an adaptation of the Nick Hornsby book and Hugh Grant movie — he stars as Marcus, an 11 year-old outsider who lives with his single mother (Minnie Driver) but forms an unusual bond with skirt-chasing adult neighbor, Will (David Walton).

About A Boy - Benjamin Stockham

Benjamin Stockham and David Walton are TV’s best new cross-generational buddies in NBC’s ‘About A Boy’. (Photo: NBC)

Here’s a few fun facts about this up-and-coming star.

1.  He’s always craved attention:  “I don’t remember exactly how I got into [acting], but I think I was just really interested…I always wanted to be seen on TV!  I wanted to tell my friends, ‘That’s me.’ I was doing background, and I saw these other actors.  I’m like, ‘Why do they get more?  I want more. I want lines.  Hey, can I get lines?’”

2.  He loves wearing beanies:   Benjamin discovered his love the knit hats while working on the ABC series ONCE UPON A TIME. “I’m like, ‘Wow, I don’t look stupid in this, at least not to me,’” he remembers. “So I started wearing these beanies, and I do it practically every day now. It’s kind of my style.”

3.  He’s taken:  “I have a girlfriend,” Benjamin says, without offering a name. “She is a year younger than I am. She is very supportive.  She is a commercial actress.

 4.  He considers himself a triple threat:  “Artistic, fun and handsome.”  That’s how the young actor jokingly describes himself.  “I like to draw.  And I think that acting is kind of an art, right?”

ABOUT A BOY airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on NBC.

Do you watch?  Sound off in the comments below.

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