‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen’s Daughter Mandy Joins The Crew

18 year-old Mandy is newest deckhand on the Cornelia Marie

Mandy Hansen
Deadliest Catch logoCrab fishing just got a whole lot sexier.

18 year-old Mandy Hansen — the pretty, blonde daughter of Captain Sig Hansen — will be the newest deckhand on the upcoming season of DEADLIEST CATCH

“She is Sig,” Discovery Channel producer David Pritikin tells Entertainment Weekly.

“She has Sig’s drive, Sig’s attitude. She said once that she has a lot of pressure in her life that her father doesn’t realize: She’s isn’t a Hansen until she goes fishing. This is something she has to do.

“This is something she’s always wanted to do. And this is not prompted by the show. This is Mandy taking a rite of passage into her life.  So it’s impressive that an 18-year-old girl who’s got little hearts in her room, and pictures of her girlfriends, and dresses finds herself on the Bering Sea in a crab ship.”

We’ll also see a lot more of Phil’s son, Josh, who returns as captain and owner of his father’s boat, the Cornelia Marie.

Season 10 of DEADLIEST CATCH kicks off April 22 on Discovery.

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