Meet David Weintraub: The Man Behind Courtney Stodden, ‘Hollywood Hillbillies’

“This isn’t rocket science what I do. This is a business of organizing relationships and being able to take people and exploit them for the good"

David Weintraub

STAR MAKER: David Weintraub has guided the careers of numerous pop culture celebrities

David Weintraub has turned a family of country bumpkins into TV’s newest bonafide reality stars.

HOLLYWOOD HILLBILLIES — which follows YouTube sensation Michael “Angry Ginger” Kittrell and his colorful kin as they search for fame in Los Angeles – is already a runaway hit for Reelz Channel, and appears certain to be renewed for a second season.

For his next trick, David plans to help busty teen divorcee Courtney Stodden (best known for her three year marriage to LOST actor Doug Hutchison, 54) turn her 15 minutes of fame into a mainstream celebrity brand.

“Courtney and I are developing a television series right now with World of Wonder Productions,” he tells me.  “We have a number of networks that are strongly interested in her.  We are also in the midst of doing two back to back feature films and are developing a line of lingerie products that she is going to be the face and designer of.”

There are also plans for a cross country personal appearance tour once the singer and model turns 21, David reveals.

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But will we see her in the pages of Playboy?

“I don’t know.  That is up to her,” he says.  “If the right offer comes in at the right moment and she wants to make a decision to do any number of things, she may do them.  I can’t predict the future.

“She has turned down a lot of offers to do things in that space and I think that is good.  We are in no rush to roll her out.”

Courtney Stodden

BUSTIN’ OUT: David Weintraub has bing plans to further the career of 19 year-old reality star Courtney Stodden
(Photo: Instagram)

David — a former talent agent at UTA and the consummate star maker — is president and founder of Hollywood-based DWE Talent Management (@DWETalent).  Among his many clients: Scott Disick (KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS), Levi Johnston (Bristol Palin’s baby daddy), rapper Too Short and actor-recording artist Ray J.

“I have an operation in L.A. that is 20 people strong working for me in various capacities of day to day assistant work, marketing, online marketing and publicity,” he says.

“This isn’t rocket science what I do.  This is a business of organizing relationships and being able to take people and exploit them for the good.”

David — who began his career as a teenage intern for Interscope Records — grew up surrounded by world of celebrity.

In 2007 he sold — and starred in — his first reality series, SONS OF HOLLYWOOD, with BFFs (and current clients) Sean Stewart and Randy Spelling.

David is seen on camera again in HOLLYWOOD HILLBILLIES, a show for which he is credited as casting producer.

Hollywood Hillbillies

FISH OUT OF WATER: Georgia natives (L-R) Michael, Mema, Aunt Dee Dee and John are adjusting to the L.A. life in ‘Hollywood Hillbillies’ (Photo: Reelz)

“I do one of the most important parts of the show — I make sure that it moves in the correct direction,” he says.  “Basically, this family…I chose to supervise them on this adventure into the entertainment business and to help turn Michael into a star.

“I think that the untouched sweetness that this family has, and the untouched openness to learning a business that they don’t know, makes them special.  It is not your typical, “Follow me, chase me, I am famous” show.  This is a raw group of people that don’t even understand how incredibly funny and talented they really are.”

Per Reelz Channel:

Hollywood Hillbillies chronicles the hilarious antics of internet superstars Michael “The Angry Ginger” and his “Mema” as they trade in their simple country living in Georgia for the bright lights of Hollywood. With the fame and fortune from more than 150 million YouTube views, Michael, his grandma Mema, aunt Dee Dee, uncle “Big” John, and the rest of the clan are ready to take Hollywood by storm. The question is not whether they are ready for LA, but rather is LA ready for these outrageous Hollywood Hillbillies?

David told me more when we caught up late last week:

Do you still consider Michael — at this stage — to be the most marketable star coming out of the show?
It’s not necessarily about Michael being the star.  I think it is about the entire family being a group of very different types of celebrity personalities that are all stars in their own right.



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