‘Idol’: 3 Reasons M.K. Nobilette Should Have Been Eliminated This Week

“I’m gonna work my ass off to be in this competition.” - M.K. Nobilette

MK Nobilette

M.K. Nobilette has once again survived.

IDOL’s  first openly gay contestant was (shockingly) saved by the nation Thursday night — despite an abysmal performance 24 hours earlier.

The aspiring lite pop singer, 20, landed in the bottom three again this week, alongside pop singer Emily Piriz and indie artist Jena Irene Asciutto. But (SPOILER ALERT!) it was Emily who received the lowest number of votes and was sent packing, as the judges opted not to use their ‘Save’ pick.

If you ask me, it is time for M.K. to go as well.  Here are three reasons why:

Generally speaking, any contestant who falls in the bottom two or three (or four) and  survives has a greater chance of being eliminated the following week.  (We saw this happen last season on THE VOICE with punk rocker Kat Robichaud, indie artist Caroline Pennell, and indie/pop singer Matthew Schuler.)

Granted, 16-year-old Malaya Watson also landed in the bottom three last week. But she responded to the wake up call. Her rendition of “Take Me to the King” by Tamela Mann on Wednesday night received a standing ovation from Keith Urban. In addition, Jennifer Lopez was hooked throughout Watson’s entire performance, saying afterwards that she “just was with you from the very first moment you opened your mouth.”

***None of the judges gave Nobilette that kind of praise after her take on Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” on Wednesday.”***

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Sure, M.K. can sing — but she can’t take command of the stage. Last week, after performing “Satisfaction,” Harry suggested she high-five or shake hands with audience members during vocal pauses, instead of just simply standing on stage and waiting for the next line of the song.

Her lack of stage presence was noted by the judging panel again this week, with Keith Urban suggesting she needs “to keep working on connecting how you look with how you sing. Because right now, I just feel those two things aren’t coming together.”

Urban also suggested that Nobilette, who quit playing her acoustic guitar halfway through the performance, should “swing it around behind you,” because the sight of the guitar hanging helplessly in front of her was “distracting.”

***Emily, despite not having the best vocal on Wednesday, at least danced and moved around on stage during her take on J-Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud.”***


Her lack of enthusiasm was so obvious this week that Harry said she had “the feeling that you don’t really want to be here.” A similar situation occurred back in Season 8, when then-judge Simon Cowell pointed out that contestant Megan Joy Corkrey didn’t seem to want to be a part of the competition anymore. The judges at the time chose not to ‘Save’ Corkrey. So it made no sense for Urban, Lopez, and Connick to ‘Save’ Nobilette had she received the lowest number of votes.

On Thursday night’s results show, a clip was aired after Nobilette’s performance on Wednesday night of her saying that she’s “gonna work my ass off to be in this competition.”

Nobilette and the rest of the Top 11 will perform next Wednesday for two hours at 8pm/7 central.


Were you surprised that M.K. Nobilette survived elimination this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Chris Mannings

Chris Mannings

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Chris Mannings