‘Saint George’: George Lopez Explains The (Ironic) Name Of His New Sitcom

"I've always had Saint George in my head. I don't live, clearly, as much of a saint, but who does really?"

George Lopez

George Lopez is no saint.

We were reminded of that last weekend, when he was arrested for public intoxication at a Canadian casino.

So why then is his new FX sitcom called SAINT GEORGE?

“I was born on April 23rd, [which] is Saint George’s Day,” the comic explained during a recent teleconference.

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“My father left when I was two months old, and I think my grandmother knew that he was not the greatest guy for my mom to be around. So I don’t think they wanted to name me after him.

“My grandmother was always big into bakery calendars. When you went around Christmas and you got some bread and stuff, they gave you a calendar every year. And a lot of [the days] are named after saints.

(FYI: Saint George’s Day — also known as the Feast of Saint George — is a national day of celebration in England and many other countries where Saint George is regarded as the patron saint.)

“The day that I was born, she knew that it was Saint George Day, and decided to name me George. So knowing that story growing up, I’ve always had Saint George in my head. I don’t live, clearly, as much of a saint, but who does really? So it’s always been around, and I always found it to be a great title — SAINT GEORGE.”

But that isn’t where the story ends.

Shortly after his divorce, George purchased a Spanish-style home in Los Angeles and began to do some minor renovations.
“The fireplace was really kind of dirty and sooty, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it,” he remembers. “I actually was thinking about tearing it out. So I asked the contractor and he says, ‘The fireplace is old. Let me clean it up.’”

“So he sandblasted the inside of it, and on the inside of the fireplace — and it’s been there for over 60 years — is an emblem of Saint George! So it’s funny that being born on Saint George Day, always having it around, and living as I do, and then finding that in the fireplace… That’s powerful.

So I like my chances for the show…and the future.”

SAINT GEORGE — a half hour comedy about a recently divorced school teacher who has returned to live with his mother — premieres March 6 on FX.

Will you watch? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Sean Daly

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