Sarah Michelle Gellar: ‘Never Say Never’ To ‘Buffy’ Reunion

“I would literally have to have a walker and I would stake people with it,” she jokes

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar isn’t ruling out the possibility of a televised BUFFY reunion.

“I would literally have to have a walker and I would stake people with it,” she joked during a recent pow-wow with TV critics on the set of her new sitcom, THE CRAZY ONES.

“But you know what? I learned never say never.”

Buffy reunion photo

IT’S A START: Sarah Michelle Gellar (R) tweeted this photo last month after she was visited on the set of ‘The Crazy Ones’ by former ‘Buffy’ co-stars Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg. (Photo: Twitter)

“Did I think I would ever be in a comedy [THE CRAZY ONES] with Robin Williams? No. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER was a mid season replacement on a fledgeling network called The WB. Everyone said to me, ‘Oh, it is so great you got a pilot. You will get a series next year.’ So never say never.”

THE CRAZY ONES teams Williams and Gellar as father and daughter working together at a large Chicago advertising agency.

The mother of two (and wife of actor Freddie Prinze, Jr.) admits it took some time to get comfortable delivering one liners to her comic legend co-star.

“In the beginning relied very heavily on Robin’s approval,” she admits. “But I think I have gotten to the point now where I can walk away and feel confident or I can even write a joke or come to the writer if I have an idea.”

Here’s more of what the actress had to share…

Was there a moment that Robin Williams made you feel comfortable to do comedy in front of him?
It happened instantly. I hadn’t actually met Robin until the table read. We sat down and I looked at him and he looked at me and he said, ‘I am really nervous.’ And I said ‘You are nervous?’ But I can try jokes out on him. Sometimes he will coach me through things. I have the best teacher in all the world.

How much time is wasted on the set just laughing?
You know what? It is never wasted because we have our blooper reel. So it is never wasted. But today we were doing a scene and our camera department kept laughing. And we literally had to do it again.

What is it like when the guest stars come in? Are they scared to death of trying to do comedy in front of Robin?
We have had all different levels of guest stars. We have had Cheryl Hines who comes in and owns everything and is just amazing. But there are some guest stars who come in and seem a little timid, because you are working with as legend.

Having been on an iconic series yourself, have you found other actors being timid around you?
I just try to tell everyone I am a bitch at first. So that way, whatever comes afterward it seems like it is good. So I just tell everyone, “Look I am not a nice person.”

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At the end of a busy day, what do you do to relax?
I go to bed! I have two children under the age of four.

Does doing a sitcom afford you a more flexible schedule…?
It is amazing. Having three weeks on and one week off, that is the greatest gift. ‘Cause it is hard to be funny all the time. So those breaks are kind of the recharges where you get to go home and be yourself. And Robin can go home to San Francisco. And it just makes you funnier. That’s how shows manage to go on for nine years. When you have that fun environment, you want to go to work.

What is a typical day like for you?
I haven’t been home to put my kids to bed in two days. So it is hard. But then tomorrow I only have a half day. We keep as close to businessman’s hours as possible. We are usually here by 6:00 AM and we try to wrap between 5:00 and 6:00 at night.

Do your kids visit you on set?
Of course they do. It started on set because my daughter wanted to meet Kelly Clarkson [a guest star on the pilot episode]. Now may daughter has this whole thing where she wants to [ride] the golf cart and see Uncle Robin. So if I FaceTime with her at night she says “I want to talk to Uncle Robin.”

All the kids must adore him…
He is the ultimate. We had babies on set today and he was the baby whisperer. Babies would start to cry and he would pull stuff out… Also Brad Garrett made really popular too because he is the cook hand [in TANGLED]. So I had this one day where I was working late and she was bummed, so I had the cook hand the genie call her. And she got a whole phone conversation with both.

How do you find the energy to be there for your kids after a long day of work?
Any working mother or father will tell you the same thing: that is what we do. We have a job. And I think it is important to teach them balance. Everything we have we have because mommy and daddy worked very hard for it. Nothing was given to us.

Do you see potential actresses in your girls?
No. My one daughter is going to be a director. Everything is FROZEN right now. She puts performances of FROZEN on with her friends. And if they don’t come in at exactly the right time… She directs the performances. She will either run a studio or be a director.

Do you ever think of going back to drama or is the comedy just doing so well now…
What is so great about this show is that it is comedy but it is all based in truth and in heart. We do get those episodes where you have those heart warming moments. Robin is a Juliard-trained actor first. We all think of him as this amazing stand up comic, but he is this amazing dramatic actor. It is sort of like Buffy for me in that sense. It’s Buffy with shorter hours in the daytime.

You have been doing this for a very long time. What is the take away from all of your years in the business?
I just feel blessed. The amazing thing is that Bill D’Elia, the executive producer, directed me and Seth Green in a commercial when we were 7 and 9. And so to be able to sort of come full circle here is really amazing. When you get to continue a job you love, you are lucky.

THE CRAZY ONES airs Thursday nights at 9:30 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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