Costly Error: Cable Programmers Fined $2M For Airing Movie Trailer

The preview of 'Olympus Has Fallen' included use of the official Emergency Broadcast System alert

Three cable networks are facing hefty fines for airing a controversial 2013 movie trailer.

The FCC today proposed fines of $1.93 million for Viacom ($1.12 million), NBCUniversal ($530,000) and ESPN ($280,000) for airing the preview of last year’s OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN.

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The trailer, according to published reports, included several uses of the official Emergency Broadcast System alert which caused confusion for some viewers.

“Frivolous, casual, or other uses of EAS Tones for reasons other than their defined purpose can desensitize viewers to the tones and thereby undermine the effectiveness of the system in the event of an actual emergency,” the agency noted in its complaint. “Although admitting their inclusion of actual EAS Tones in commercials transmitted in their programming, the companies have questioned their liability under the Act and the Commission’s rules.”

NBCUniversal was an investor in the White House attack movie, which earned $99 million at the US box office.

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