‘Couples Therapy’: Jon Gosselin Hurls F-Bombs At Ex, Kate (Watch)

"F**k her!" he says. "She can f**king die!"

Don’t sugar coat it, man!

Jon Gosselin is finally opening up about his legal battles with — and true feelings about — ex wife, Kate.

And it’s as colorful as anyone would imagine.

“F**k her!” the washed up reality star exclaims in a sneak preview clip from tomorrow’s all new episode of COUPLES THERAPY.

“She can f**king die… Piece of f**king sh*t.  What a sh*tty human being!”

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Gosselin landed on Dr. Jenn Berman‘s VH-1 series presumably to work out differences with current girlfriend Liz Jannetta.  But he appears to snap under the pressure of a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed last summer by Kate.

“Great f**king life.  You [Liz] don’t value me as a human or a man.  I am never going to have that with Kate.  It is never going to happen.  Why do I even f**king try?”

“I think I will just take some of my money and go back to court for primary custody of the ones who want to live with me and just F**king figure the whole thing out.  It is narcissistic behavior that she can go out and talk about the kids any time she wants.  She can tweet and have a website dedicated to them.  Every f**king book she has put out.  Because she wants to be on television, which is never going to f**king happen.  So she can f**king die… Piece of f**king sh*t.  What a sh*tty human being!”

The episode was filmed in early November.  Just weeks later, Kate dropped the suit.

You can catch all the drama when COUPLES THERAPY airs Thursday at 9:00 PM on VH-1.

Who’s side are you on?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.




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