‘American Idol’: Keith Urban Cut Off By Theme Music

Guess we know how highly producers value his opinion...

American Idol judges 2014

AMERICAN IDOL highly values Keith Urban’s opinion.

Or do they?

Maybe not at one point on Wednesday night, when the Top 10 guys took the stage.

The second-year judge was cut off by the show’s theme music – (in case you don’t know, ‘da-da da-da da-da da-da daaa duuum) – right before he could comment on the performance delivered by contestant Malcolm Allen.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the order of events during the incident:

  1. R&B/soul singer Malcolm Allen, age 21, covered “Comin’ from Where I’m From” by Anthony Hamilton.
  2. Jennifer Lopez said that she “wanted your performance to hit me more.”
  3. Harry Connick, Jr., said that Allen’s vocals were “sharp.”
  4. The audience began booing in response.
  5. The judges laughed off the booing.
  6. Urban opened his mouth to speak, and
  7. The theme music started.

Host Ryan Seacrest came on the stage and gave Urban his opportunity.

“I just wanna say quickly,” said Urban in response to Allen’s performance, “one of the things about being an artist is that you’ve gotta make artistic choices. How you performed the song with that lyric, I think if you had scrapped the band and stripped it down and let that lyric shine more, I would’ve felt it a lot more. You can make those choices.”

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And now for the recap. Basically, there was only one above-average performer:

Caleb Johnson:

  • The 22-year-old rock vocalist opened up the show with his take on “Stay with Me” by Faces. After the performance, Connick said that “it’s gonna be tough for the guys following you.” And Connick was right.

The Top 13 this season will be announced in a one-hour results show this Thursday at 8pm/7 central.

Chris Mannings

Chris Mannings

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Chris Mannings