‘American Idol’: Harry Connick Booed For The First Time

“I’m sure that’s the first of many,” the singer says

Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol'

People questioned before Season 13 started whether Harry Connick, Jr., would be the next Simon Cowell.

And the early indications say: YES

The first-year judge on AMERICAN IDOL, (and on-again-off-again mentor to the contestants on the show in seasons past), received his first booing of the season on Tuesday night, during the Top 10 ladies’ performance show.

About halfway through the two-hour show, Connick, 46, heard it from the audience while responding to contestant Bria Anai Johnson’s performance. Connick said that the 16-year-old’s cover of “Wrong Side of a Love Song” by Melanie Fiona “felt very, very shouted.”

The reaction from the crowd cut him off. But was he perturbed by it? Not really.

“I’m sure that’s the first of many,” the singer joked.

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After all of the judges critiqued Johnson’s performance, Connick took the booing in stride.

“It’s like the three bears. They booed me. They did nothing for [Keith Urban]. Then they applauded [Jennifer Lopez].”

Now, for those of you looking for a brief recap of Tuesday night’s show, the standouts were:

Jena Irene Asciutto (indie artist)

  • The 17-year-old sang “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones. Afterwards, Lopez liked the “nice, sultry quality” of the performance and called Asciutto “one of my favorites.”

M.K. Nobilette (R&B/pop singer)

  • Connick called Nobilette “an elegant, articulate singer” after her take on “All of Me” by John Legend. “And for the first time,” said Connick, “I didn’t get the sense that you had this kind of defeatist attitude, because for a while, you looked like, ‘Do I really belong here?’ You belong here.”

Malaya Watson (R&B/soul singer)

  • This quirky 16-year-old (and tuba-player on the side) took on “Hard Times” by Ray Charles. Following the performance, Lopez said that Watson is “one of the big powerhouse singers” this season, and Urban said that she has “confidence, and you can make it work.”

Five of the Top 15 females going into Tuesday night did not get to perform and were thereby eliminated. They were:

  • Brandy Neelly (country singer),
  • Austin Wolfe (indie/soul artist),
  • Kenzie Hall (indie artist),
  • Jillian Jensen (indie/pop singer), and
  • Andrina Brogden (lite pop artist).

10 of the Top 15 males will perform this Wednesday night for two hours, starting at 8pm/7 central. The Top 13 this season will be announced in a one-hour results show this Thursday at 8pm/7 central.





Chris Mannings

Chris Mannings

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