Bob Costas: Still Not 100% Recovered, But Heading Back To Work

"It probably will look better in 10 days, but the Olympics will be over."

Bob Costas - Pink Eye

‘Ole Pink Eyes is back in action!

Bob Costas — sidelined in Sochi for a full week with the world’s most Twitter-worthy case of conjunctivitis — says he will be (almost) back to normal when he returns to the air tonight.

“There’s still some redness there,” he admitted in a conference call with reporters this morning. “[My eyes] are less [pink] than what they used to be.  I’ll be able to function. … It won’t have any effect on what I do. It won’t look as bad as what it did the last night on the air. It probably will look better in 10 days, but the Olympics will be over.”

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Costas — NBC’s go-to Olympics anchor since 1988 — has been pretty much off the radar while TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera took turns picking up the slack.

“The worst three days of it I was primarily in a darkened room,” he said. “There were other times, just to break the monotony, I would walk down to the lobby of the hotel to go to the restaurant our out on the terrace at night.”

The Syracuse grad admitted his condition made it impossible to even watch TV for several days — but the network eventually fed Olympic games directly to his hotel room.

Costas noted he was also able to catch his alma mater “pull another miracle” on Saturday as the top ranked Orange beat North Carolina State in basketball.

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