Watch: Jimmy Fallon’s 1998 Audition for ‘Saturday Night Live’

“Horribly awkward and un-funny," says one viewer

Jimmy Fallon was lucky to get the job!

That’s what many folks are saying as they look back on his 1998 audition for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Jimmy — who takes over THE TONIGHT SHOW on Monday (Feb 17) — drew only one audible laugh from SNL creator Lorne Michaels as he cycled through more than 20 celebrity impressions and a handful of song parodies.

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“It was like a WONDER YEARS moment,” he recalled in a 2010 interview with Sirius XM radio.

But not all commenters on YouTube looking back as kindly on the eight minute tryout.

“Sweet Jesus his nervousness caused me pain. I felt so sorry for him lol, the audience could have been more accommodating.” – TreSneaky

“He was so nervous man, but thank god he got through it..because i love him and im glad for his success!” – robbbyyy25

“horribly awkward and un-funny. If you think he’s funny you’re a moron. Thats a fact.” – Michael Naeseth

“I didn’t know Ted mosby was on snl”- Micah Amey

“This was really good.  The Tommy Lee Jones would have sold me. Generally I didn’t like him on SNL.  The perpetual laughing during sketches was annoying.  I do think he’s done a great job with other work (Emmy hosting, his own show – that sketch with First Lady Obama was awesome…I kept waiting for him to start laughing).  I think he’ll be a great Tonight Show host.” – Jbauer72

“This is actual garbage gosh its weird how good he is now compared to this.” – Sean Weber

We agree with Mr. Weber.  Jimmy has polished up his act and we can’t wait to see what he brings to NBC at 11:35 PM.

His guests for Monday night’s big premiere are Will Smith and U2 (who he coincidentally pokes fun at in the video above).

Will you be watching?  let us know by leaving a comment below.