‘X Factor’: Simon Cowell Hints The Show May Return In The Future

“Sometimes we rest these shows in other countries. In most cases the show returned stronger.”

Simon Cowell - X Factor

Simon Cowell will not let THE X FACTOR die.

Just days after Fox issued a statement saying the singing competition “has concluded its domestic run,” the show’s creator began hinting it may return in the future.

“Thought I should try and explain what really happened,” Simon tweeted Thursday night. “Both fox and us made the decision to protect a very important brand to us.”

“Sometimes we rest these shows in other countries. And that’s what we did in a crowded market. In most cases the show returned stronger.”

Simon Cowell Tweet

A rep for Simon’s Syco Entertainment declined to elaborate on his out-of-the-blue tease, but it is worth noting that X FACTOR — currently airing in 45 other markets — was taken off the air, then successfully brought back in both Italy and Australia.

Another interesting note: rather than leaking word of the show’s cancelation to the trades, Fox issued an elaborate press release focusing on Simon’s decision to return to the UK and noting “it’s our sincere hope that we work together again soon.”

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Simon last night also squashed rumors that the program was being shopped around to other networks.

I would be surprised to see THE X FACTOR return — in any form or at any time — to the U.S., but stranger programming decisions have been made. (Remember Leno at 10 PM?)

Let’s see how this one plays out…

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