‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Comic Says He May Go To Jail

Nathan Fielder created the store as a 'parody' to promote his Comedy Central show

Nathan Fielder - Dumb Starbucks

Nathan Fielder’s story could have a very unfunny ending.

The stunt comic behind L.A.’s now famous Dumb Starbucks store could face half a year in the pokey, he told Jimmy Kimmel last night.

The host of Comedy Central’s NATHAN FOR YOU says he opened the shop last weekend as a publicity stunt.

“On my show, I help people with out-of-the-box marketing ideas to grow their own business,” Fielder said. “This one was so good that I wanted a piece of the action myself.”

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Fielder claims he was able to get around trademark infringement laws because the store was actually an “art gallery” and the addition of the word “dumb” to the name made it a legal parody.

But Starbucks is now the least of his problems.

Earlier in the week the Los Angeles County Health Department shut the site down when it discovered Fielder was operating without a proper health permit.

“Apparently — I really just found this out — the penalty is up to six months in jail,” he revealed.  “So we are trying to be really nice to them.”

If the comic does end up behind bars, Kimmel and the entire studio audience promised to visit him.

Do you think Nathan should be locked up for violating the health code?  Leave us a comment below.